I[19F] got railed by 2 older men in a motel

This occurred some weeks ago. I was alone in a bar getting wasted. These two elderly gentlemen suddenly came up to me and said they would buy me a drink. After I said yes to their offer, they took a seat beside me. Together, we enjoyed a few beers and got to know one another. As one thing led to another, I found myself giving one of them the rear of the car while the other was taking us to a nearby motel. As soon as we got to the motel, they threw me on the bed and started stripping my clothing off. In a matter of moments, I found myself fully nude on the bed, being devoured by one of them, while I was being shoved by the other’s strong cock. I went on all fours after that, and they both began to turn on me alternately. They both ejaculated all over my tits after this for about an hour. We were done, and I was a hot, sticky mess, so I walked straight to the shower. We had a little conversation while waiting for the taxi after I got out of the shower.

One of them came up to me as I was ready to leave to get into my taxi and started talking about how much fun he was having tonight. Then he informed me that he needed to get this out of his system because he hadn’t had sex in a long time. He then reached into his pocket, pulled out a $100 bill, and handed it to me as a thank you. He was quite insistent, so even though I didn’t want to take it, I eventually took the money. After thanking them, I walked out of the motel.

This was undoubtedly a crazy evening. I really ought to start going out to bars more frequently.

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