I watched my wife go down on a stranger on a bus

My wife has sucked my best friend’s cock many times and I’m happy to share. We all have known each other since we were teenagers so we feel safe and we all trust each other. For some reason I love it, she certainly loves it too we’ve discussed it many times I told her that she is can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. In spite of this she’s only been with our friend. That all changed one day when we had to take a bus to her cousin place. (Her cousin lives the next province over it was like one of those greyhound buses) well we both like the window seats and ended up across from each other. We both dozed off a few times during the trip. At one point the bus had to refuel so we got out stretched our legs and bought some stuff from the gas station. when we got back on a guy sat next to her.
They started talking and brought up were they worked and what they did there ect… it went on for a while honestly I dozed off again when I woke back up there body language seem to have changed. His hand was on her leg and she was looking up at him smiling. He was a tall guy well built and had a deep voice. In contrast my wife is really short and could hardly be seen about the seat. His hands started to roam and my wife certainly didn’t seem to mind. My wife leaned her seat back as he slide his hand under her gray jogging pants.It was crazy to watch he had his phone in one hand while he fingered her with the other. He was doing everything he could to remain inconspicuous. My wife laid back and did her best to appear to be sleeping but you could tell her pelvis was moving. (Talking to her afterwards she told me he had long fingers and made her horny af) about 15mins later I saw her body stiffen and shutter. I could tell made her cum. She laid like that for a bit while he kept his hand in her pants to fondle her some more. But I guess his hand was getting tired because he pulled it out. After that my wife laid her head on his lap “still pretending to be sleeping” He laid his coat over her to make it look more convincing. Didn’t take long before I could hear the sound of his belt being undone. His coat began to move around I could tell my wife was pulling his cock out of his pants. The look on his face was amazing. I could tell the exact moment when she slid his cock into her mouth. I laid there still pretending to be sleeping. But I still managed to watch as the coat began to bob up and down. She sucked him off for at least a half hour until he cam. The look of absolute pleasure on that man face as my wife drained his balls was incredible. She laid like that for a while longer until he actually fell asleep. I texted her and asked her how she was doing. She told me she was nervous but glad she did it. It was an amazing experience.

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