I want you sitting on my lap right now

I want you sitting on my lap right now wearing nothing but a cute sweater. Your juicy thighs and pussy exposed, craving my touch. I stroke your hair as I slowly hold you down and rub your pussy on my thigh.

Watching you, pathetically press yourself harder. “You’re so needy, how cute. No touching, be a good girl and show me how badly you want it first. Maybe then i’d fill you up nicely, and fuck you hard, just how you like it”. Its adorable how easily worked up you get, princess. How you get needy so quickly. just for me. Something as simple as gripping your thigh gets you begging for my hand to crawl further up.
You’d look so cute under me, whining as i thrust hard into you. Watching you choke on your own moan as your mouth desperately sucks on my fingers. Such a slut for my cock, watching you beg loudly and pant as you ride my fingers, begging for me to fill you up. You’re so adorable when you’re needy for cock like this babygirl, makes me wanna give you just what you need. I’ll fuck you so nicely, princess.

My cock throbs when you whimper while my lips make the slightest contact with your ear. My hands tightening around your waist as i whisper all the things I want to do to you, are my fingers buried deep inside u not enough hm? Say it, angel. Tell me how much you want my cock to fill you up.

I’d pull out my cock and let you ride it slowly til I can’t take it anymore.  I’d toss you onto the bed with your ass up and thrust hard into you. Making you grip the sheets, face pressed against the pillow to muffle your loud moans. You like getting thrown around, hm? Used and abused like the good lil toy you are. My cock thrusting into your tight wet pussy. Your moans turning into whines as i pinch and pull your nipples around. I’d give your perfect ass a nice hard smack and marking it. Holding you down by your hips and fucking you like the dirty slut you. You’ll be so close to release, with your hair sticking to your face and neck from the sweat and tears. “Do you want me to stop, babygirl?”…. “No”, you scream pushing your ass up against my cock. Making a sweet mess all over it, your juices dripping onto the mattress.
Finally, you catch your breath, I kiss your soft plump lips. You’re desperately laid down on the bed, legs spread apart, cum dripping. I’d slowly start rubbing your clit around. You’d hold onto my wrist trying to stop but you’ll be to drained, cuming all over my fingers. Whining and moaning. I’d smack your sensitive pussy and curl you up in my arms, princess. Telling you how good you’ve been.

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