i used my guy friends underwear to masturbate f18

I have a friend for years (4) ever since we’re around 13-14? I never really saw him in that way so me, going his room is not really a big deal. It all changed when I saw an underwear on the floor right beside his bed. It’s just there, sitting, doing nothing, and asking me to come and get him (which I did btw). I took it and hid it fast when he asked me what I was doing. Anw, I hid it until I went home. When I was home, I smelled it and damn, it smells different. Just thinking about him once wore it made me horny and wet. I proceeded to lock my door and smell it again but this time, I was touching myself. It felt so good. It’s like I’m masturbating while his cock was on my face. I kept doing this until I came. I got addicted to it to the point that I exchange it when I feel like the smell is starting to disappear. I am even dreaming about him fucking me and it was so sexy. I don’t really know how to face him like the way I used to before. However, we’re still friends and he still doesn’t know about the naughty things I’ve been doing with him in my head.

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