I told this guy that he could do this to me after we had fucked

After a wild and passionate session of sex, my partner had exhausted all his energy on me. But I was still super horny so before we drifted off to sleep, I whispered in his ear that if he woke up during the night or early morning before me, he could use me however he pleased, treating me like his own personal sex toy. My words seemed to have a good effect on him because he fell asleep with a raging hard-on.Feeling turned by my own proposition I carried on to tease myself while watching some porn. My pussy was ready to squirt everywhere but I chose to save my climax for when he was up. I rubbed myself against his leg, secretly hoping he would wake up and join in. But unfortunately he stayed asleep.Next thing I knew, I woke up to him sliding his hard cock into me. Not wanting to break the spell, I pretended to be asleep and let him take advantage of me. Whether it was from earlier or due to him going down on me while I slept, my pussy was still dripping wet and soaked through the sheets. I was so horny that I couldn’t help but release a soft moan. That’s when he caught on and called me a “sneaky slut” for pretending to sleep while enjoying his advances. I won’t deny it – that accusation only made the experience more exhilarating. Ultimately, he filled me with his cum once again and then proceeded to give me an intense orgasm through oral sex that left me gasping for breath.

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