I sucked off the meek nerd in my physics class. No Regretsnsfw

Let’s call him Logan. He was always so focused in class. I found that really hot. He usually wore a hoodie with jeans and black rectangular framed glasses. He was 5’10” and lanky with slightly overgrown jet-black hair. The thing about him that allured me was that he seemed like the kind of guy to be nervous and awkward around women. He probably never had someone ask to suck his dick before so I wanted to be the girl to change that streak.

I wanted to make a move on him so I asked him if he could help me out with studying later at the library. I wore a tight white tee without a bra on and some jeans and my hair was up in a ponytail. I would squeeze my arms together and lean forward every time he spoke and caught his eyes darting down a few times. It was so cute to see him try to prevent glancing down at my nipples multiple times. It finally got dark outside and we finished working so we walked out of the library.

“Hey, do you wanna just walk around campus for a bit?” Surprisingly, he nodded. He began telling me about some theorem but the entire time I just kept staring at his lips and his hands every time he ran them through his hair.

We began walking through a foresty part of campus when I interrupted him and asked, “Has anyone ever just asked you if they could suck your dick?” He paused and was slightly confused on how to respond, so I just continued.

“So like, let’s say, hypothetically, I asked to suck your dick right here, right now, what would you say?” He was taken aback.

“I mean… like… if you were serious…” He started stumbling over his words. His face got a little red, almost embarrassed.

“I am.” His eyes opened wide.

“Oh. In that case, I think I’d probably ask you why.”

“And I’d respond, hypothetically of course, that I think you’re cute and it’d be fun for the both of us.”

He stared at me, stunned, and responded, “And I’d hypothetically let you.” At this point in our walk, we crossed a corner of a building surrounded by trees. I grabbed his hand and led him back to the corner. He was so shocked that he just listened to me.

I got down on my knees in front of him and whispered, “And I’d end up hypothetically sucking you off…” I began unbuckling his belt. I did it slowly, keeping eye contact and smiling up at him from below. I started kissing his thighs and navel and rubbing his balls in my hands before kissing the tip. I spat on it and put his entire cock in my mouth in one go. He let out a moan, almost afraid of letting me hear him.

“You can be louder, you know. No one’s gonna hear us, and if they do, they’d just be jealous of you.” He giggled a little and loosened up a bit.

I think he was scared to touch me, so I held one of his palms and guided it under my top to my breasts. I put his palm right over my nipple. “Touch me.” He complied. He began grazing his hands over my tits and breathing harder.

“Wow,” he murmured.

“What was that?”

“Oh, I said wow. Your boobs are so…perky and full.”

“Why don’t you show me how much you like them?” He raised his eyebrows, stunned once again. Within a few seconds, he popped my tits out of my top and began squeezing them and circling my areolas. I got busy with his dick again. I teased his frenulum with my tongue and started stroking his shaft. Not long after, I began blowing him while stroking the bottom of his shaft and playing with his balls. I love multitasking like that. His panting got louder and one of his palms grasped the back of my neck.

“Guide my head the way you want me to mouth fuck you.”


I repeated it slower this time, making sure not to break eye contact.“You heard me. Guide my head the way you want me to mouth fuck you.” He slid his hand behind my head through my hair and started guiding me. I grabbed his waist and held on and he began facefucking me. I’ve gotten used to being able to restrain my gag reflex for a short bit, but he didn’t get that far. Within a few seconds, I felt him hold me tighter, tremble, and a warm feeling filled my mouth. He groaned before he opened his eyes again. I looked up at him and opened my mouth to show him what he did to me before swallowing it.

“You did such a good job facefucking me.” His face got red again and he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. “I love how I got you to finish a little quick. It’s so hot. One of the biggest ego boosts.” He chuckled.

We walked back to our respective places fully ignoring what had just happened and got back to the topic of physics. I didn’t mind. He probably needed time to process it. It was honestly really endearing and cute to see him so flustered. Hopefully it was an experience he won’t ever forget.

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