I sucked my boyfriend’s dick in my house while my parents were home. they don’t know about him at all.

my dad would murd3r me if he knew i had a much older non asian bf….

this was abut 2 months ago..

well. basically they were supposed to be gone all day because of my dads dental appointment… i had already planned everything out, my bf would come over an hour after they left and leave an hour before they left.

WELL THEY CAME BACK LIKE 10 MIN AFTER MY BOYFRIEND GOT THERE. i didnt even ask them why i guess it got cancelled and they decided to go shopping another day.

i had no idea what to do. my room is on the third floor of our townhouse and that is a lot of stairs to go down. the window drop is crazy, not an option!!

so i kept him in my room… the whole day and night… tbh nothing really crazy happened. my parents asked me to come down for dinner and i said i felt sick and had lots of school work and they didnt mind..

little did they know i was eating… i wanted to have sex but i get really loud when he is inside me so i just sucked it.. i sucked it 4 times over the course of the night… i swallowed every time..it was so cute how he covered his mouth to be quiet.. i had never had him in my room before and i loved it… just to show him all of my things.. my door locked and netflix playing my parents never thought anything… but i was terrified the whole time, of every little sound.. every time they talked to me… ahhh i feel anxiety just remembering it!!

then at almost 3 am.. we crept downstairs and he left through the side door (quieter than the front door)…

that was it really… highlight for me was when my mom started talking to me through my door when he was in my mouth…i was sweating like crazy!!

tbh i would never do this again…

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