I sucked my best friends brothers dick while she was asleep 15 feet away

o a few months ago I stayed the night at my best friend . We ordered food were doing each others nails were talking about basically everything in this world and watched a movie. A great evening/night like always with her.

Around 1 we finally decided to go to bed (but were still talking a little when the lights were out of course). Around maybe 1:30 we actually went to sleep and weren’t talking anymore. I couldn’t sleep for a while so I wanted to go to the bathroom before finally falling asleep.

When I got up I noticed she was already sleeping so I tried to be as quiet as possible. It was raining outside so when I walked through the hallway I heard the rain silently hitting on the window. The door was closed which was kinda odd but since there was no light coming from under the door I didn’t think much of it and opened the door. I fell in shock.

On the bathroom floor leaning against the wall was her brother sitting with his phone in one hand and with other he was masturbating. The second he saw the door open he got up and said: “omg what are u doing here” I said that I had to use the restroom of course. He told me he thought we were asleep…

I slowly went up to him and said it’s okay he shouldn’t worry while touching his abs and kissing his chest. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down so I was kneeling in front of him. It was massive. I spit on it and slowly started stroking while he looked up and started breathing heavily.

Finally I took the entire thing in my mouth (which was pretty difficult considering the size) and I started sucking the soul out of him. Just when I wanted to take it out and stroke it even faster he came all over my face. It was warm and tasted fucking hot I was soaked.

I told him to go to bed now that I took care of him so he said thanks and went into his room again while I was washing my face and after I went to sleep as well

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