I sucked dick infront of my dad at my bday party (18f)

I turned 18 a couple months ago, and we finally threw a little celebration at my apartment with just close family and friends. I wore the tightest most sluttiest outfit I could. Everyone began letting loose, and you can tell everyone was getting comfortable.

Anyways, majority of the people leave and it’s just me, my dad, my cousin, and two “family” friends. We all decided to play truth or dare, and see how far we could take it. It was my turn, I was asked truth or dare and I said dare. My cousin dared me to suck just the tip of the family friend. I was hesitant because my dad was there but he seemed to enjoy and laugh at the idea. We are all on the couch and the family friend whips his cock out and it’s hard as a rock. I feel my dad looking at me from the corner of the room and my pussy starts throbbing.

I start to suck the tip and jokingly stop but the family friend pushed my head down and I started sucking his cock. The idea of being watched turned me on, especially by my dad. I could still feel my dad watching me. I knew he was proud of his babygirl. I ended up finishing and swallowed his nut and we all went to bed.

The next morning we woke up and my dad made a joke and said ” did you have fun last night?” I said of course and we joked and continued on with our day.

I don’t know what to make of this, but I enjoy it and excited to see what happens next.

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