I sucked a guys dick right after he fucked his gf

I have been hooking up with this one guy for a while now who has a gf and we are pretty out in the open about it. Like we will talk about when his gf will be out and we will have a chance to fuck behind her back.

Yesterday I got a text from him saying that he just finished fucking her and she was napping after how many times she came all over his cock. He asked me if I wanted to finally find out what she tasted like and honestly the idea really excited me.

He pulled up outside my house and when I got in his car his cock was already out and I could see that it was still kinda wet from her cum. He drove around while I sucked on him and told him how hot it was that he was just inside her.

I was surprised that I was still able to make him cum cause he told me he had just cum inside of her minutes before but of course I swallowed every drop cause i’m just a good girl like that hehe.

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