I squirted for the first time today

I (F24) was kind of a late bloomer, to say the least. I grew up in a very strict and religious household, though I somehow managed to get away with having (mostly) unrestricted internet access since I was like 10. But I’ve only started touching myself as I hit 17 and had moved out for college, and damn I missed out on a lot.

Earlier, bored as hell with nothing to do and an empty house for the day I decided to get off. I pulled out my bullet vibrator that I hid in my underwear drawer and got situated only to find out that I had somehow broke because I forgot to remove the battery overnight. It was a cheap ol’ thing that barely costed $10 anyways so I wasn’t too sad. But alas, I was reading erotica, switched to watch some porn and went to town. I got my first orgasm of the day, a very intense clitoral one within like ten minutes of me getting to it. Feeling like I needed more (It’s ovulation week by the way), I grabbed my lube and started fucking myself with two fingers.

Now, I’m a virgin. I have never had penetrative sex so two fingers was all that I could usually handle, but today though, three fingers easily slipped in. I was thrusting vigorously when I suddenly felt that my palm was incredibly wet, more so than it usually is so I just kept going. I pulled out my front camera to see what was going on and holy fuck. I have never been so turned on looking at myself.

I was drenched. I clenched and saw my juices drip out of my hole onto my sheets and I couldn’t help but moan. Sadly it didn’t gush out everywhere as my hand was supposedly in the way, but I was just dripping non stop for like five minutes and I couldn’t believe that my body is actually capable of doing that.

I finally finished myself by rubbing my clit, I was so loud I’m concerned that my neighbors might hear. When I got up my feet felt like jelly, I spent a good minute just giggling at myself because of how good of a session that was then stared at how drenched I was in the mirror. I hope that I can achieve that again one day.

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