I pretends to be asleep

It was pandemic at that time.
The day before the community lockdown our housemates went home to their hometown and the only person left was me and my other guy housemate.

It was a very boring time, no outdoor activities and the only thing we did was work, eat and sleep.
My housemate just plays games in his room. We don’t talk much.

Our rooms are beside each other but he has to walk past my room before he reaches his.
I always noticed his footsteps whenever he passed my room.
One time I saw him just finished his shower (we only have 1 shower) walking towards his room half-naked and I smelled the shower room with his scent.
I also took a shower after him.

After taking a shower and it’s already evening past 12 midnight, I got horny maybe because of his half-naked body and nice scent. I turned off the lights of my room and left the door slightly open.

I wore my big t-shirt no undies, and pretended to sleep on my stomach, spreading my legs wide while my right leg point towards upper position.

After a few minutes I decided to just sleep, and when I almost felt sleepy I heard his room open. I heard his footstep slowly walking towards my room but then it stopped.

I’m so curious why his footstep stops near my door, but then I heard my door open very slowly.
I keep pretending to be asleep but my heartbeat is already so loud. I felt his shadow walking towards me, so I tried to move a little to spread my right legs wider making my bottom more visible to him and then i slightly moaned.

He stopped walking, but then I felt a hand touching my toes. He then very slowly walked his hand towards my lower leg up until my upper legs at the back.
I am already started to get so wet at that time because of the excitement and horniness I felt.

Then after seconds, he already reached near my ass.
I heard his breathing becoming harder when he realized that I don’t have my underwear down. And then he slowly squeezing my ass and in circular motion using his left hand.
I noticed some repeated movement on his other hand, so I’m guessing he already started touching himself.
Then, slowly he put his index finger between my upper inner thigh until it reached my pubic hair. He keeps touching my pubic hair and I heard some licking sound so he probably licked his index finger that touched my pubic hair.
He then put back his index finger and then slowly entering inside my upper inner thigh until it reached to my vaginal opening.

He stops for a second, maybe he was very surprised that it is already very wet there. his breathing is began louder and louder as he continue poking my vagina until his index finger entered inside.

I still pretending to be sleeping

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