I (MtF18) had car sex with a person with someone i barely knew (M21)

For a bit of backstory, i met this guy on a discord server. It was a server dedicated to meeting new people to hookup with in my state. I wanted to explore and experiment a bit so I jumped on it, let everyone know my DMs were open to chat, and after a few hours of waiting i recieved my first message request. I added him and we started chatting. We immediately got into talking sex. I mentioned I wanted to try car sex and/or semi public sex. He said that if we could set up a time and date that works for both of us, he‘d serve. So after a few days of back and forth we finally got a date set up. The plan was to meet after I got off work and he would drive me to a low traffic parking lot and we’d have some fun.
The day came and all during work all I could think of was his cock inside me. After my shift, he picked me up. I couldnt contain myself during the ride and just started stripping down a bit. Not enough to be seen by anyone passing us but just enough to tease him a bit and satify my horniness just a bit. because it was night, we had no problem finding a parking lot. We parked in front of a closed furniture store. We moved to the backseats and he started taking the rest of my clothes off and within what seemed like 30 second, I was already sucking him off. I edged him a bit to tease him. He didnt like that much and punished me by fucking my ass HARD! Like he didnt even warm me up or nothing he just was jackhammering me! God It was amazing! We fucked for at least an hour. It was the best sexual expierence ive ever had! Not exaggerating!

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