I Made My Asian GF Squirt in Silence, and it Changed our Sex Lives Forever

Kate was laying next to me in bed trying to catch her breath. We had spent months having a normal, vanilla sex life, but that was the day that changed us. For the first time, we didn’t just have sex, we fucked and had the best orgasms of our lives. We just saw another side of each other, and couldn’t be happier or more satisfied. But how did we get here?

When I was in college, I had two groups of friends. One group were American/international students, and the other group were Chinese students studying abroad. At my university, most Chinese students typically hung out with each other and rarely interacted outside of that circle. I was majoring in Chinese language and somehow ended up in that bubble, helping a lot of those students with the struggles of living in another country and studying in a foreign language. I built a lot of great friendships that I maintain today.

Junior year, once my Mandarin was at least at a conversational level, one of my Chinese guy friends said a few of us are going to a bar (not really my scene). The academic year had just started, so there were some new people to get introduced to. I drove us to the bar and about a dozen of us got a table with me being the only American. My friend waved at two girls that walked into the bar, and this changed my life. He introduced me to Kate and Jessica. Kate took a seat next to me. She was very short, short hair that stopped at her shoulders, and incredibly cute. Checking her out a bit more, she had a great body too, she had decent sized breasts and ass, but considering how small she was, proportionally speaking they were great. Jessica sat on the other side of cat. She was tall, long brown hair, gorgeous, and carried herself with a way of confidence to draw the attention of guys. Her body was very flat, but her long legs, thin stature, and model-like face more than made up for it.

I spent most of the next couple of hours talking to Kate and Jessica. I welcomed them to the area, got to know them, and they were both great girls. I swapped contact info with them so we can keep in touch, and I’ll invite them to events on campus. The next day, I kept thinking about them. I had been single for far too long, and both of them were attractive and left a great impression on me. Despite my having tons of Chinese friends, I had only dated American girls up until now. Kate and Jessica just got to the US and getting used to things, clearly sticking together for support for now. Too risky to ask BOTH of them out. I was at a fork in the road. At that time in my life, I didn’t have the self confidence I should have. Looking at their pictures, Kate was a stretch for me, but Jessica was hands down out of my league. I asked Kate if she wanted to go on a date next weekend, and she excitedly agreed.

I met Kate during the week in the library and helped her with homework. She was really studying with English, and we were relying hard on communicating through my shitty Mandarin and her shitty English, but we made it work. Despite that, it was clear we liked each other and it was mutual. I was a broke ass college student, so our first date consisted of a walk in the park and dinner at a nice (but not too nice) restaurant. We enjoyed each other’s company. I felt the connection and took a chance, asking her if she wants to go back to my place and I’ll show her some TV shows I like that she didn’t know. When we got back to my apartment, we had our first everything. First kiss, first make out, and first sex. I’m not going to lie to you – the sex we had wasn’t anything to write home about (or rather, write Reddit about). Both Kate and I were pretty sexually inexperienced at the time. We had fun, but not worth going into detail over.

Over the next few weeks, Kate and I grew closer and hung out all of the time. Kate and three other girls rented a house about five minutes from my apartment. It was crowded and rarely cleaned. Because of this, Kate ended up basically moving into me. We fell into a routine. Wake up, go to class/study, go home and eat dinner together, help each other with our homework, have sex, go to bed. We spoke Chinese almost exclusively throughout the day, and my language skills skyrocketed. I helped her with her homework and essays, and she narrowly avoided flunking. Honestly, I don’t know how she got into the school in the first place at that language level. We got better at sex as time went on, but we were vanilla. One or two normal positions for about ten minutes at a time, clean up, then bed. We maintained this routine through the winter, over Christmas break, and halfway into the second semester. It wasn’t exciting, but we were happy.

Then things changed.

In April, I was asked to represent my university at a student leadership conference. I spent a week in NYC, and this was the first time I was away from Kate for more than a couple of days. Kate stayed at her house that week. When I flew back, I drove to Kate’s house to pick her up, and my friends had made plans to go get dinner together that night, we were all going to meet at Kate’s house. Spring was here, and weather was finally starting to warm up. When I got to Kate’s house, she was excited to see me. Her three roommates were there, so we minded ourselves and just kissed when we saw each other. I was pleasantly surprised by what she was wearing – with the temperature improving, she was wearing a sundress and I couldn’t take my eyes off of Kate’s legs. I hadn’t had sex with her in a week, and couldn’t get her out of my mind.

There was some furniture and clothes in the basement of the house that Kate was wanting to move to my place. I went down to help her, and finally we were alone for the first time. She needed to get something from the top of a closet and got a small ladder (once again – even in China, Kate is considered short). She got up on the ladder, giving me a better look of those smooth legs I’ve been lusting for.

Me – “我好喜欢你的裙子,我一直在看你的腿 / I love your dress, I can’t stop looking at your legs.”

Kate turned around at me and gave me a big smile.

Kate – “哈哈,你喜欢吗? / Haha, do you like them?”

Me – “喜欢 – I like them”

Kate – “要摸吗?/ Want to touch?”

I approached Kate and put my hands on her legs. She didn’t expect I was really going to do that, figuring I would wait until we get home to enjoy her body. I started to slide my hands up and down her legs, admiring her figure. She stopped what she was doing and turned around to watch me. I kept going, and made eye contact with her. I looked into her eyes as my hands started to slowly go further and further up, lifting up her dress. I felt her panties, and gently started to rub her pussy. We were breaking new ground here, this is the first time Kate and I did anything sexual outside of my apartment. Kate smiled at me, and I kept going, slowly using my right hand to massage her clit, and my left hand going up and down her leg, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. She let out soft gasps as I pleasured her, and I felt her getting wet for me. My dick was swelling, but I knew that would have to wait for later. I picked her up off the ladder, and Kate wrapped her legs around my waist.

Kate – “I missed you”

She leaned in and we started to make out while I held her up, a first for us. I placed Kate down on the floor, leaning her against the closed door that was the only thing from others seeing us if they came down to the basement. I sat down too, and hiked up her dress and moved her panties to the side. She let out a gasp as I put two of my fingers inside of her.

Kate – ”有别人在,很危险 / There’s other people here, this is dangerous.”

Me – “那你要安静吧 / Then you’ll need to be silent.”

I continued to finger her and watch her get wet. She was more wet than usual, I can tell that she was into what we were doing. Kate saw my erection through my pants, and smiled at me devilishly as she grabbed my dick. Kate was letting out deep breaths as I continued to finger her and I had set a goal for myself to bring her to orgasm before we have to leave. We spent the next five minutes with me fingering her, her holding on to my dick, and being as quiet as possible.

From upstairs, we heard the front door open. The rest of our friends walked in the house for dinner. Kate started to stand up and stopped her. I can tell she was close, she deserves to cum.

Kate and I would later acknowledge that the action I was about to take is what changed the status of our relationship. This brought our sexual intensity and relationship to another level. This was the spark that launched our sexual revolution.

I put my left hand over Kate’s mouth to stifle her noises. I used that hand to gently push her onto the floor to lay on her back, and picked up the intensity that I was fingering her. I had her completely pinned to the floor at that this point. She let her body go, and freely moaned into my hand, but nobody could hear. We didn’t break eye contact, I saw the desire in her eyes. Kate began to lick my hand, and started to put her tongue in between my fingers. I couldn’t believe how hard this made me.

This became too much for Kate to handle. The danger and excitement of risking being found out by friends and roommates. The desperation to be quiet despite wanting to freely moan. The feeling of being dominated by a man much stronger than her. Finally seeing her lover after a week apart. Kate broke eye contact as I saw her eyes roll back. Then it happened, and shocked both of us.

Kate squirted. She has never done that before.

We aren’t talking a waterfall or if the Hoover Dam breaks, but it was unmistakably her letting herself go and succumbing to the pleasure of the most intense experience she’s had in her life up to this point. I maintained my pace as she came, my confidence soaring and my dick desperately wanting to inside of her. When she finished, there was a bit of panic. We composed ourselves, opened the door, and ran to the basement bathroom. She grabbed a towel, and I began to thoroughly wash my hands and get my mind off of what just happened to let the hardest erection I’ve ever had subside. After cleaning up, Kate came back to the bathroom.

Kate – “我们回你家吧,不要吃饭 / Let’s go to your apartment, I don’t want to eat.”

We quickly grabbed the things we needed, and went upstairs. Kate explained to them that I’m tired because of my trip and not up for dinner, so we aren’t going to join tonight. We loaded Kate’s stuff in my car, and made our way to my apartment.

My apartment was only five minutes from Kate’s house, but those five minutes felt like an eternity due to the anxiety of whatever was about to happen when we get home. We drove back in silence, a mutual understanding of what just happened, and what we are about to do. Kate started to massage my dick through my pants, and I got hard again. I stopped at a red light, and could see my apartment down the road.

Me – “不要浪费时间,现在脱你的内裤吧 / Let’s not waste time. Take your panties off now.”

She took her direction well, and took her panties off in the car, and placed them on my lap. I took one hand off the wheel and felt them, they were soaked. Finally, I parked my car and we made our way inside.

We really didn’t waste any time. Kate got on her knees and we took off my pants. We both saw that she wasn’t the only one who got wet – my underwear had a huge wetspot of pre-cum that was dribbling down my left leg. Kate, who previously thought cum was “gross”, sucked the wetspot of my underwear. She pulled down my underwear and with licked up the pre-cum on my leg, licking her way up to the tip of my throbbing cock. I almost didn’t recognize the person she was, its like she was finally liberated. After licking the tip of my dick clean, she opened her mouth to begin to blow me.

She was on her knees, looking up at me. One of the things I loved about Kate was how expressive her eyes were. Not even an hour ago, I saw a number of emotions in her eyes. Anxiety. Desire. Pleasure. Satisfaction. But on her knees slowing bobbing up and down on my dick in my apartment, I saw a new look in her eyes. The look of gratitude.

I’ve never been this rock hard, I felt on fire and needed to be inside her. I picked Kate up and laid her down on my bed. I put a condom on, got on the bed on my knees, and lifted her hips up to get inside her. Kate’s pussy is without a doubt the tightest I’ve ever had the privilege of penetrating. I pushed my way inside her and Kate leaned back while I took charge. Its been a couple of days since I’ve cum, and I’ve been hard for so long. With how tight she was, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I need to make this count. I held Kate’s hips while I thrusted in and out of her, and finally being alone, she wasn’t trying to be quiet. I had never heard her that loud yet. As I continued, she tapped my chest with her hand.

Kate – “等一下,等一下,等一下 / Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second.”

I stopped thrusting into her. I’ve never been that rough with her before. I’ve never been this turned on before, but I don’t want to hurt her. Kate took a second to breath and said:

Kate – “你的鸡巴为什么突然这么大?Why is your dick suddenly so big?”

I laughed it off, I guess that’s what happens when you are this excited. I was worried I was being too rough for her.

Me – “你喜欢我这样干你吗? / Do you like it when I fuck you like this?”

Kate – “超级喜欢 / I really like it.”

This time, I took my hands off of her hips and put them lightly around her throat. I picked up the pace and intensity again. For the last six months or so, we’ve been having sex about every day. But this wasn’t sex. This was fucking. For the first time, I was putting my full strength into railing Kate into my bed, and loving every second of it. A few minutes in, I had the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had up to this point in my life. My only regret from that day is that I finished in the condom. Given that its been a few days since I’ve last cum and how long I’ve been hard for, I should have pulled out, took the condom off, and painted her whole body white with my seed.

I pulled out, and we took a quick shower. We were exhausted, but this was our new beginning. We both agreed that today both of us had the best orgasms we’ve ever had. We agreed to explore with each other more, and push our boundaries.

This experience brought our sexual relationship to the next level. For the next year and a half of my relationship with Kate, we would have some experiences that I think are worthy of this sub. I’ll work on writing those and posting if there is interest.

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