I made her miss her date [M]

Unfortunately one of my other stories is too long for this subreddit so I’ll dive into a shorter story! Was sexting with this Trini girl back in 2015 and she was a very sexual woman. Always down to sext, flirt or even hook up. She had a terrific ass and a wonderful smile and I always found myself wanting more. We weren’t together or exclusive so we never cared if another went on a date with someone else but she told me she had a date coming up. It was on a Friday later that night so I figured I could fuck her before she went. She agreed for me to come over and so I did. Without hesitation she was riding my cock within minutes and we were having fun as our usual ways. But, the twist is that she had 30 minutes to get ready and leave for her date but my horny ass had no intention of stopping. She was on the pill so I was able to cum in her but fucking without a condom is such an amazing experience and I wanted more of her. As we cooled off from our first attempt I knew I could tease her to go again, and miss her date. Now I didn’t care that she was going on a date, I was just horny af. So after kissing her neck, back, complimenting her and grabbing her ass, she caved. I’m in the middle of fucking her doggy style when she gets a call from her date. She screens it and takes the phone to text but I don’t let up on fucking her. I made it the most difficult text she had to send as I kept pounding her from behind 🙂 after more minutes of fucking we finally climaxed and she apologized to her date. They ended up going out the next day but not after I made her body mine for the next 3 hours 😈

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