I [M33] jerked off as I watched my GF [F33] make a stranger [F28] squirt

My girlfriend and I were invited to a rave which she reluctantly agreed to go. It was a great party filled with very pretty women. Both of us got drunk af and we were at a quiet end of the party hall smooching and feeling up each other’s pants.

We noticed there was a super hot girl dancing and checking my girl out and I whispered into her ears if she fancied some intimacy with her. Maybe it was the alcohol but she immediately agreed and I asked her twice to ensure I am reading the signals right. One condition was set, I cannot fuck the other girl or make her cum in anyway. I readily agreed.

We chatted her up and bought her back to our hotel room. Once in it, my GF suddenly turned into a raging lesbian and made out with the girl(let’s call her Anna). Both of them wanted to watch some porn together and all three of us watched some squirt porn while I sat there hard af.

Once hot and ready, both of them slowly undressed and Anna had the hottest pair of tits and ass I have come across. I could sense both my girl and I were really turned on by her and my girl immediately pounced on her pussy and used her long , talented and wet tongue to swirl across Anna’s pussy. As I heard Anna’s moaning I saw. My girl turning around and with a wry smile signalling that I am free to jerk off.

For 15 mins I witnessed the incrediblly hot body of my girl wrapped around Anna’s every inch as they kept moaning and fingering each other. I was super tempted to join them but I realised I had promised otherwise.

I saw my girl two fingers deep inside Anna and I told her to use her tongue to make her squirt. My girl obliged and instantly I could see Anna’s face turn red and she said she was about to cum.

My girl used the secret fingering trick I use on her while licking her pussy with the most gentlest of tongue and ten seconds later Anna screamed “I am going to cum” as her vagina contracted and let out a huge stream of squirt into my girl’s face. I could see this turned her on so much and I immediately started licking her pussy and both of them started cumming simultaneously.

I watched both of them squirt three times and I got my girl to finish me on her ass after an hour of torture.

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