I [M33] discovered a new kink from my coworker [F30]

My coworker I’ve been trying to sex up for some time finally came through on Super Bowl Sunday of all times!

We watched the game and she finally agreed to suck me off. First off, the gawk hawk was everything she said it would be. I’m not huge by any standards, but I’m above 6 inches.

She deepthroated me so easily, I couldn’t believe it. As a matter of fact, after the initial slow start of her sucking the tip and swirling her tongue around it, she pretty much deepthroated me the ENTIRE time. Blowjob lasted about 8 minutes. I wanted to cum long before then, but I held it back. The explosion was huge.

Anyway, I noticed while she was gulping me that she had relatively hairy arms. Never really paid much attention to that on women before, but something about hers just looked SO SEXY. It was short, standing up on end, and ran from her wrist, up her arm, to her elbow. It legitimately made me cum even harder after noticing it. Something about the way the light from my lamp was angled and hitting it. I have pics of the my coworker if anyone would like to see. I’ll share what her arms look like and blur the face. Just lmk. She’s so fucking hot. I hope to actually beat cheeks next time. Thinking about telling her about her arm hair turning me on. Any thoughts? Should I? If so, how?

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