I (M22) fucked z hot soccer mom (f34)

One night I was texting with her, I was about to go out with friends but they all canceled an hour before going. She invited me over to her house for some drinks. I went over and her husband wasn’t there, he had a nightshift so he would be home at 6 AM.

We talked, laughed, listened to music as she suddenly says: ‘you know, what kinda stuff we are into?’ I was a bit surprised but I just started answering, guessing. She said they were into swinging. I looked at her and didn’t know what to say. ‘it’s okay’ she said ‘i know it seems weird right, but we like it and we are comfortable with it’ adter she said that she started teasing a bit and said ‘it ain’t that difficult if you have a great bond and love eachother, you just gotta be okay with it and communicate about it’. I thought it was hot tho and we talked some more bout it, I asked questions, she answered.

Suddenly she said ‘would you be comfortable with that?’
‘to be a participant yes, but when I have a girlfriend probably not’ I answered. ‘what about we take shots and we share an ice cube? Don’t worry my husband knows everything that’s happening here he’s fine with it as long as you are’. ‘What? Well okay why not’ I said and so we did, we made out for more then 20 seconds, sharing an ice cube in our mouth, her tongue pushing it in mine, my tongue pushing it back’.
I was getting a huge boner at the moment and she noticed. We did this 3 or 4 more times and I liked it and got into it more.

She noticed I liked it and wanted to step up so she didn’t hesitate and took off her shirt, she was wearing see through red lingerie and my eyes couldn’t look away from those tits. She slowly started to grab my crotch and gave it a little massage. ‘Would you be comfortable with this too?’ she smirked. And I said ‘off course’ obviously I knew this was going to end in sex and be honest who would decline this?

She undid my pants and just started licking my tip immediately. Her tongue curling around my tip and slowly getting up and down the base, she made me rock hard. She took my dick and put it under her bra strap in the middle of her tits. ‘you never experienced this I suppose’ she said before sliding my cock up and down between her tits. I started to be a little more daring so I said: ‘maybe without that bra it’d be even better.’ she laughed and understood the assignment so she took it off and didn’t even hesitate to give me a blowjin, she started slowly by pishing my cock into her mouth. As she continued she oushed it further and further in the back lf her throat. My cock was rock hard and I didn’t even know how to react as she deepthroated my cock. She didn’t give any tear, she didn’t gag, I’m sure she did this as a usual on the swingers parties. What a lucky guys this must have been.

She throated me and She noticed I was ready for the next big thing, I took all my courage and said to her: ‘ well what’s next, maybe we could lose that pants of yours?’

She laughed and told me I was a quick learner. She undid her pants while stroking my soaked cock. Spit splatting on the ground, on her tits on her mouth, everywhere and as soon she lost her pants, she stood up and gestured me in standing up. She went down on her knees and gave my cock some last good layer of spit before she turned around and bended over the counter. ‘well are you ready?’ she said. ‘what if i have to cum I asked, where do you want it’. I just don’t wanted to randomly nut inside her without permission withiut knowing what or how.

‘It’s fine’ she said ‘just do whatever you want, we’ll clean it up.’ and so we did. I put my tip inside her and she started moaning softly. Begging to go deeper and faster. I didn’t want to at first because I didn’t wanna cum in a minute. I wanted this to last and do some more stuff before blasting my load. But I thought fuck it. And i started going rougher and faster. As i built the courage to show I liked it, I randomly grabbed her hair and pulled it back, my balls slapping against her pussy. ‘HOLY SHIT’ she shouted and I stopped thinking I did something wrong. ‘DON’T FUCKING STOP’ she shouted immediately. I puhed my cock as deep as I could and went even faster my balls slapping against her wet pussy my cock throbbing inside her. ‘OMG’ she shouted and she started shaking. I didn’t stop and just went full on into her pussy ‘I’M CUMMING’ she yelled and moaned like she didn’t decide wheter to moan or to shout.

She stopped me, ‘I want you to fill my pussy’ she said as she turned over and layed on her back. I pushed my cock back in in a matter of seconds and started fucking her like a machine, trying to control my load who was ready to burst into her thight pussy. She yelled and moaned and told me she wanted to be my slut for this moment, I could do anything I want I neede to fill her mild pussy up. So I slapped her tit, she moaned and asked for more, my cock banging her pussy like a drill. The sounds of wet pussy and my cock ploffing against it were the hottest ever. I took out my cock spitted on my cock and mut it back in as she said ‘yea spit more’ so i didn’t hesitate and just spitted on her mouth grabbing her throat. ‘OMFG YESSS’ she mumbled under the sound of a closed throat ‘FUCK ME SO FUCKING DEEP, GRAB MY THROAT’ I stopped pulled out and slapped her pussy a few gimes with my cock before going for the final result. I started going faster and faster and banging her pussy like a hammer on a nail. She screamed and started rubbing her clit as she was going to cum again. I took away her hand and started rubbing her pussy even faster in good circles. My cock still pounding her insides. ‘I’M GONNA CUM’ she yelled short and quick before turning her eyes to the back and moaning and shouting the biggest orgasm I personally witnessed from somebody. ‘ YEAHHH I’M CUMMING ON YOUR COCK’ She shouted.

I knew it was my turn so I grabbed her head with two hands and and started pushing my cock completely in her pussy first slow while she recovered a bit and then faster and faster. My cock completely drilled in her pussy. She started to stick her tongue out she knew what was happening ‘I want you to cum over me, all over my face,’ she said with a slutty playfull voice. I started to feel my cum flowing I pulled put and she went on her knees immediately. I started to jerk myself off but she quickly grabbed my cock and started jerking it with her eyes looking into my eyes and her tongue sticking out as far as possible. ‘cum for me, cum all over me’ she begged, and zs she said, I blasted my load kver her face, over her tits over her hair, over her furniture, it was spraying out of my cock. She just enjoyed her little shower. After I came, she laughed, collecting all the cum she could collect and eating it.

‘That was so good’, she said, ‘you wanna take a picture?’ i looked a bit confused. ‘for my husband she said, so She gave her phone I took a picture and she sened it to him. I received a message from her husband shortly after saying ‘good work man ;)’ we laughed, we cleaned up, and took a few more shots, she asked me if I would do it again, and so I did the week after.

We are still in contact but we don’t do these things anymore. But I gotta say, best sexyal experience in my life yet.

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