I Love Teasing Him

My stepdad (M48) caught me masturbating while using a dildo I’d bought only days before.

I (F25) thought he and my mum had gone shopping, but only my mum had gone taking his car.

The look he gave me as I slid the dildo out of my pussy, was one of pure lust.

What he didn’t know, I was thinking about him and his large penis as I was masturbating.

You see I’d secretly watched him and my mum having sex several times and knew he has a big cock. I’ve always fancied older men, and believe me my mums husband is a fit horny looking guy. So I had a decision to make.

I told him to put his tongue where the dildo had just been and he immediately come onto me and squeeze my tits. He whispered “I want to do it a long time ago ugh”.

His fingers running through my wet pussy and he put his finger inside, it feels so good like it was my first time. He slid it in and out that caused my hard moan.

After he enjoyed fingering me he eat my pussy and that feels sensational than his fingers, I opened my legs wider and he continued to suck my clit.

He bended me over and slide his cock in and fuck me like a jack hammer. I love his sex drive, it feels like I’m having a sex with a man in my age. We ended up having 9 sex positions all over the house. “I’m gonna cum” he said. He’s ready to pull out but I won’t let him and he burst inside me. Oh God that’s the biggest load I’ve ever had in my entire existence. “Let’s do it next week again, I want you to be my obedient baby girl and do as I say” he said then he goes down stairs.

I can’t wait until next weekend, cause my mom will be away for some business trips and I’m going to do all the way with my step dad.

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