I lost my virginity to my Professor’s Wife.

I’m 22M and a PhD Scholar, So I’ve always been a kind of introvert forever alone guy with no luck in relationships, Two Years Ago, I got enrolled into a Phd in Mathematics at a University in my town, The teacher turned out to be an acquaintance of my father and I got along really well my PhD Guide, After the coursework and other prerequisites were done, My Professor would occassionally call me at his home to do some errands for him like Getting groceries for the market (In India Particularly PhD Guides prefer to be fawned on by their aspiring students), Things were going great and I was introduced shortly after that to his wife whom I initially had no liking for, She was in her early 40s and had one son who lived in other town for his studies, Whenever I would go at my Professor’s house, She’d greet me with refreshments and we would have casual conversations about how my PhD was going and all, And I gave her a lot of respect and even touched her feet (A gesture people in India do as a symbol of offering respect) whenever I went at my Professor’s house. A Year went by with all this happening, And A weird thing that I noticed only in hindsight is that While we talked casually she would deliberately try to subvert the conversation to her and talk about her personal life as what she likes and dislikes, how many friends she had and all, She sometimes did all this in front of her husband too, which made me embarrassed oftenly and I would just nod my head and assert that I was just listening not reacting to anything. My Professor would leave for his work in the morning and return around the evening, I too would be in the college during those hours but I usually got home before my professor and on top of that on some days I even skipped the college, whenever my professor would know I have skipped the college, he would call me to do some errands for him, like one day, he asked me to watch over an electrician who had come to his house, for fixing the Geyser, I went to his home and after the electrician left, I asked his wife that Why his husband needed me to watch over the electrician when his wife was already in home at this she asked me to sit with her for some more time, I agreed and while talking she burst into tears lying her face on my chest, I immediately withdrew and asked her what was wrong, She became so emotional that even I couldn’t hold my tears, then she described how her relationship with her husband was just a facade for the society and that he didn’t love her at all and kept her from all the important household works because she didn’t trust her competence. She also told me how she has been suffering from anxiety and depression due to being lonely, I couldn’t help but feel that I was not the right person to be told about all this, Despite my resistance to be involved into her personal affairs, She pleaded for having my company and asked me to visit her everyday for sometime as It made her feel good. I didn’t like what was happening at all, But this continued for few more months, And now I’d go at my Professor’s place even without informing him and spend hours at this place having random talks with his wife and even watching movies together. I was never into older women and all but I slowly started developing a liking for her as her personality was really sweet and though I didn’t like her facial appearance initially, I started getting fond of it with time, One day she randomly asked If I’ve ever had a girlfriend, To which I immediately replied in desperation that I am a forever alone guy who would never find his better half (I’ve been a sadist when it comes to relationships) At this she hugged me and said that she was always there for me, But I laughed it off and said She was just jesting, She immediately became serious and said that she could do anything for me, I feared that I could be slapped for this but went ahead with my Gut feeling and asked her Is she could make me happy, She smiled and said that She has no problem with giving it to me, I went numb for a second and said sorry to her immediately after that. She was like Don’t be and hugged me tightly, This was the first time when I had a boner for her and that day I left suddenly and didn’t talk to her for days.
All this time, I dreamt of making out with her, But withdrew myself from her forcefully due to the act being ethically wrong, She kept calling and texting me but I never replied, But one day I couldn’t hold it any longer, I called and asked her If she was at home, I expressed my desire at wanting to have her, She said that She has been waiting for it all along and she finally confessed that she had loved me from the first time she saw me, I was having dry tears after realising how could anyone on this planet love me romantically (Not because I was ugly or anything but as I said I was a sadist in relationships) I said that I had never done it before, She assured me that she would help me, So that I don’t get nervous or anything like that, She took me to her bedroom, turned on the air conditioning at 24 degrees, closed the doors and windows and removed my shirt and pant along with my underwear, She was still dressed while all of this happened, She took my penis which was wet due to precum in her hands and God! I was already on cloud nine feeling her touch, I asked her If my penis was big enough, She smirked at said It was kinda small but It’ll do the job (My penis measures 5.5 inches when erect) She didn’t suck my penis but kissed the glans and my balls. Then came straight to my face and I had the first lipkiss of my life, Me being an inexperienced guy started using my teeth and she taught me how to properly lipkiss and we did it for 5 minutes straight. She started undressing herself, She had worn a saree (An Indian traditional attire) And after she removed her bra, I was almost cumming as I had never expected her to be that voluptuous and lively, we cuddled as her soft boobs pressed against my chest and for the first time, It was too much for me and I cummed even before she had removed her panties, the cum got smeared all around her legs, It was a shit load of juice, Never did I have such bountiful cum while masturbating, I felt sad immediately but she comforted me by Saying it was normal for the first time and said I’d be ready again after an hour. She then covered us under a blanket and I slept in her arms for about an hour, My head was resting on her shoulders and I could kiss her boobs and smell her shaved armpit from there, After about an hour, I became Hard AF again and this time without any foreplay she removed her panties and asked me to penetrate her right away, which I did, But somehow the angle wasn’t lining up and my penis kept on coming out again and again, She didn’t have a lube so she took out her hair oil and massaged my penis with it and asked me to do it in doggy style, this position was comfortable for me and I thrusted her pussy like a maniac only to cum within a minute, After that I was scared about having cummed inside her, She comforted me by saying that She is not ovulating currently so It’s not an issue. We then lied down for some more time, I didn’t have the energy for third round, So I dressed and left shortly after that after cuddling with her and giving her a forehead kiss and kissing her boobs. And since that day I started having sex with her regularly, I’d visit only to have sex with her and It did get better with time, Fast forward to one year later, I am madly in love with the woman and we didn’t get caught even after not using a single condom for all this time, She says that she is too ingenious with her Copulation timings and she only had sex with me when there was no probability of getting pregnant. I am still having the affair with her, She is just perfect and overtime my love for her has only increased, I’ve become an expert in having Sex because of her But I do feel morally abject time to time, But she has comforted me and said that she would divorce his husband after my PhD is finished because If She did it right now, Her husband would find out about her infidelity with me and my PhD will be screwed.
I feel guilty and fortunate at the same time to have found the woman of my dreams, I am all set to marry her once my PhD gets finished. She is the best woman in the world.

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