I let my EX fuck me in the shower [F19]

The story starts when I texted my ex-boyfriend to ask him out, simply to check in and make sure everything was alright following our breakup. I looked a little fatigued at the time, but I had just gotten out of bed and hadn’t done anything for myself, so I had no idea he had come to my place right soon.

I opened the door for him and offered him a coffee since I’m a good girl, haha. I was by myself because my folks weren’t home from work.

We merely spoke for a little while before parting ways. Before we left, I informed him that I had to take a shower. My whole body tingled when I saw him, and I’m nervous.

Just as I was pulling off my clothes in the shower, he came over and embraced me. I’m delighted and moved. We wasted no more time, so he undressed and planted a kiss on me. Both of us have lost control. He licked my hot pussy after I sucked his enormous cock. Right now, my ex and I get along well.

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