I let my Date friends use me

Last night the guy i am currently dating (M 34) invited me (F 28) over to his house. For information we weren’t dating for long, it was about 2 weeks but we did slept together. So I thought it would be him and i spending night together, but when i arrived at his home i was a bit shock when his friends were there to. My date told me that his friends were here to watch some movies together and told me to sit at the couch with them. I was sitting in between my date and his friend lets called him Pete. It was cold in his place so we’re all actually shared 1 huge blanket. While watching i can feel my date hands going around my thigh, im a bit scared his friend will notice but i let him touch my thigh, but then i feel his hands going to my inner thigh towards my 🐱, then i hold his hand and reminded him that his friends are here. He just smile and told me its alright. I was embarrassed but at the same time feels weirdly excited. So i let go of his hand and let him playing with my 🐱. I tried to content my self but a moan escaped my lips here and there making the other guys glance at us. Looking at me horny and helpless he started to kiss me and grab my breast. Playing with my nips. Now i started to loose it and moan louder. Suddenly pete hands grab my face towards him and he kissed me, i was a bit shocked at first and tried to push him but my date started twisting my clit making me weak and let Pete kissed me. Both of them now on to me, kissing, teasing all over my body. I was enjoying all their touch when i notice the other two guys lets called them Gale and Dean are watching us. Dean even had his phone video taping us. But i dont care all i want is being fuck buy all of them. And not for long one of them started to undress me. Suddenly i was laid on the table with my head hanging, i think Pete was fucking my 🐱 while my date stuffed his P in my mouth. One of the other guy fingered my clit. Its was so good that i think i come so many times until i feel Pete finally cum inside me followed by my date cum inside my mouth. He covered my mouth and told me to swallow it all so i did. And both of the left me lying on the table and sitting on the couch while immediately Gale and Dean take their turn to fuck me. And so thats how i spend my night being fucked whole night by my date and his friends.

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