I let my boyfriend fuck my bestfriend whilst I watched

This is another story from my past relationship, we were so kinky together and adventurous I do kinda miss it. My best friend is super close to me and shes also really hot and sometimes at parties and stuff we’d make out a little. This was always pretty tame and sometimes just for the boys entertainment but there was always some sexual tension there.So my ex boyfriend was always joking about how he thought she was hot and that he would love to fuck her (we had spoken about the fact we both like to watch) and one day he just came outand said it during sex that he’d love it if he could fuck my friend whilst he watched. I was a lil shocked at first but decided it was a good idea. I am quite submissive so I was never going to say no to him anyway.I rang my friend up and ended up convincing her to agree to it. We all decided to do it at a hotel so we went out for a couple drinks first aand then made our way over. There was a little bit of tension at first and I was kinda nervous but then me and my friend started making out and it soon turned into excitement. My ex was playing with himself whilst me and my friend made out and teased and undressed each other. Then he came over to me started playing with my clit which almost made me orgasm there and then and told me to go and sit on this chair in the corner and that I wasn’t allowed to move until he said so.Then he took my friend and bent her over the bed right infront of me and started pounding the life out of her. I have never been more turned on in my life and I was just orgasming over and over, watching my boyfriend fuck her so good and watching her moan and take his cock. Then she got on top of him and started riding him and I came so hard watching that I almost squirted. Then he brought me over and put us both on our knees and cummed all over my friend and told me to lick it up. My first ever cuck experience and it definitely wont be my last

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