I let a stranger finish inside me in an empty train station

I didn’t tell him I was ovulating. I didn’t tell him my mind was spinning out of control, desperate to have my insides flooded. But I’m sure he could sense it. I’m sure he could taste the urgency in my juices as we got hot and sweaty in the empty train station.

The man (I never learned his name) bumped against me after coming down the stairwell. It was late at night, and the place was empty. The trains delayed. He had a frenzied look in his eyes and a smile that won my raging heart. It didn’t take long before he had me pinned against a movie poster, groaning and growling as he wrenched down my pants. One hand squeezed my tit, the other massaged my ass as if he thought I was hiding something in there.

“I fucking love your ass,” he whispered in my ear.

My response was to moan for him, begging him to go harder. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pressed my face against the wall. It felt so cold compared to my flushed cheeks, and I moaned again.

He was balls deep inside me, the tip of his cock pressuring the very core of my being. And the heat! Every moment, throbbing, so much so that every time I took a shuddering breath, I felt every single inch of this stranger claiming my body. There was no need for protection when it came to utter submission.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out,” he said quietly into the back of my neck, pressing his whole body against me, pinning me against the wall.

A train roared into the station on the opposite track. He kept going.

“Don’t mind that,” he whispered when the train stopped and opened its doors. His words slithered into my head. “Just focus on this. My cock. Your tight little pussy.”

Before I could mutter a word or look over my shoulders to see if anyone was watching us, he bit down on my shoulder and grabbed my hips with both hands. I cried out as he amped up his thrusts. Long and deep. Slow strokes that seemed to make the sensation of him sliding out of my pussy last forever. And then, in a maddening burst, he would ram himself back inside me, making the unmistakable smack of his thighs crashing into my ass echo all over the station.

The train closed its doors and moved on. The sudden thunder of its wheels filling up the entire station, but still, the man would not relent. Pounding me against the wall.

All I could manage were moans and sighs as he planted firm kisses up and down my shoulders and the side of my face.

“You’re so tight,” he whispered, flicking my earlobe with his tongue. A violent shudder ran down my spine, but that only made his grip tighten. I knew I’d wake up with dark bruises all over my hips. I’d wake up marked and used and with his cum lodged deep within my womb.

His thrusts continued to gain momentum. I could feel the pressure building in his muscles. Even the way he kissed me grew in ferocity like he was starving and had to devour every single inch of me before he finished.

When finally, he couldn’t hold on, he pressed me into the tiles once more. He pressed himself against me, pinning my hands down with his own. He was so deep inside me, stretching me out in the best possible ways, I was almost afraid he’d get stuck.

He buried his nose in my hair and groaned. All the while, my hips kept moving on their own. Swaying, my pussy tightening, massaging every inch as my body begged him to cum inside me. His cock twitched with every shot, filling my insides with heat and liquid madness. My mind threatening to blank out as he shuddered out every single drop he had to offer.

When he was done, he stepped back with a sigh. I wanted to beg him to stay, and I whimpered as his cock slid out of me, releasing the mess we’ve made to slide down my thighs. He slapped my ass, then I heard him walk away into the dark station. A train rumbled into the station.

I pulled up my pants, my heart refusing to quiet down, and sat down on a bench. There was no one else on the late-night train, and so I slid down my pants and scooped up what the stranger had left behind. I sucked my fingers clean. ***check my nudes*** [here](http://themidnightdelights.blogspot.com/)

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