I let a guy fuck me on the muddy ground

We \[FM\] were out on a walk in a nature reserve here. Before we had set out, we were already flirting about maybe hooking out somewhere quiet. I love having sex outdoors, and so does he, so I was sure that it would happen.

After we had walked for a while, we were in a place where the trees were pretty thick and concealed us well from anyone who might pass by. It was such a quiet day, anyway, so I was sure we wouldn’t be caught. As we started to kiss, too, I stopped caring if we did get caught. I wanted him and it didn’t matter if anyone saw.

Pushing me up against a tree, we kissed and grabbed at each other. I turned around, ready to bend over and be fucked up against the tree, but he had other ideas. Without a blanket to keep me clean, he pulled me down onto the ground with him. I laughed as I felt my body press into the muddy floor. It had rained the day before and I felt the mud get into my hair.

Laying on my back, feeling the mud cover me, I let him get on top and fuck me hard into the ground. I reached my hands out and enjoyed the feeling of the mud. Once I gave into it, allowing myself to become filthy with it, I really loved it. It was dirty, in more ways than one. I thought I would have been horrified by the mud, but it was a lot of fun.

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