I Left my Wife Alone Gambling in Las Vegas

It was about midnight when I knowingly left my petite, sexy wife gambling alone at the tables, surrounded by men in a rather popular casino on the Las Vegas strip.

She was playing Craps & already had a few drinks. When I left, I heard her openly talking dirty while playing craps. Now, I don’t know how the game of Craps works, but as I was leaving, she yelled, “Yes! Bigger. I want big!” I could tell the guys next to her took note.

My wife knows that I want her to hotwife and she always has a hall pass, so I went upstairs thinking the mood was right for some flirting and maybe more. I went to sleep and sent her a text of the room number and reminded her that she’s a “hotwife.”

She came stumbling upstairs & into the room at around 4am! She immediately pulled off her pants and laid down in her panties & shirt. I briefly woke up and went back to sleep.

Short time later, I heard the room door open and then slam close. I looked around and she was not in the room. I thought, “Maybe she went to get some water or something to eat,” so, I went back to sleep.

Some time later, I heard knocking. I woke up and answered the door. When I opened the door, she was just standing there in her shirt and panties. I could not believe she went out into the hallway in just her panties and a shirt!

She came back in & stumbled back onto the bed, which I thought was weird. I asked, “Where did you go?” And she just mumbled “Looking for you,” and went back to sleep. At the time, the idea of her being in the hallways half naked was hot! Wasn’t sure how long she was gone from the time I heard the door slam to when she knocked.

Next day, I told her about her incident of going into the hallway and she said that she thought that was all just a dream. She said she didn’t realize she really went outside in her panties.

When I asked her about how the night of gambling went, my wife said a group of guys at the table had her come over and sit with them, but nothing transpired. They all just gambled all night together and then she quietly left.

I was hoping for a better story. I am bummed that nobody tried to hook up with her, but then again what’s the truth?

She’s a sexy petite Latina that gets fun and more social after a few drinks…Has anyone had similar experiences with their wife or someone else’s wife or tried to pick up on women while gambling in Las Vegas?

Wonder what more I could’ve done to set the mood? Maybe something did happen? What are your thoughts?

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