I kissed my boyfriend with his dads cum fresh in my mouth [F19]

With all the dads on here, I’ll bet this one is a hit. I talked about fucking my boyfriend’s dad in this post, but I didn’t get very specific. Since then, I’ve had a second sexual experience with him.

My boyfriend’s father asked me to “cum over again” on Instagram after his son left the house. I had no idea older guys used that app. Of course I did, hehe

This time, as soon as I walked through the door, he slapped my ass from behind and became combative. He stated it was mutual when I told him I was excited to hear when we would next connect. I let him play with my chest after taking off my t-shirt (I didn’t wear anything underneath) and then I went down to extract his cock from his jeans.

Before he was ready to end, we had some more fucking. I gave in to his request to open my mouth and let him put his entire load inside of me. I winked and told him I had to meet his son for lunch after thanking him for his kindness.

My partner kissed me on the lips when I got there, not realizing that his dad had just entered a short while earlier. I’ve never experienced anything like that before, hehe

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