I had to..

It had been months since I had been touched..even though I have a ‘partner’, it’s been years since the last time we were together. I was feeling so..needy, so desperate just to feel something. I sent some pictures, and some videos to a..friend..of mine…I wanted him to tell me he was going to come see me, and he did. He’s always had a habit of knowing exactly what it is that I want, that I need, without me even having to put it into words, or going through the embarrassment of trying to, at least. He asked me if I wanted to hang out, smoke, just relax for a bit and I couldn’t say no.I saw him last night. As soon as I got into his car he pulled me into him and told me he missed me. He put the blunt into my mouth, and lit it. It didn’t take long before I was feeling it. I put my head onto his chest and closed my eyes, felt his hand make it’s way down my back, lifting my shirt and his fingers on my skin. Feeling him slide his hand down the back of my sweatpants, over my panties, his other hand I felt brushing my hair behind my ear, leaning down and kissing my forehead. Whispering in my ear and asking if I wanted to finish smoking, or if I wanted him to make me come. His fingers were pulling my panties to the side at the same time…as soon as he touched me I heard him laugh when I couldn’t help but do anything but gasp as an answer. His hand grabbing my hair to turn my head, so that my cheek was pressed against his chest and he was making me look him in the eyes. I think he knew how how pathetically quick it was going to be before I was gushing all over his fingers. He started sliding them inside of me, and I just fucking melted. Just the feeling of someone else touching me..it was embarrasing. Having to look right at him while he laughed and teased me while I squirmed, and moaned, and poured onto him..en I finally sat up after breathing hard for a minute I could see him hard, and big, and throbbing and leaking onto his pants just from making me, or watching me react the way I just had. I had to pull him out of his pants and feel him. I kissed my way all the way down him, and then up every inch of him…licking off the cum from my lips that was leaking from him in between. Making sure that I didn’t miss anything before making my way down further and sucking his ball into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around him at the same time, and popping him out before moving on to the other one. Slowly making my way back to the tip with my tongue, before taking as much of him as I could into my mouth. Sliding back up and further down everytime, trying to get used to the feeling of him down my little throat. Until all I could hear was the wetness of my throat everytime he pushed into it, feeling myself gag, and a groan come out of him everytime. Feeling his hand in my hair pushing my head down even further, my eyes watering and not being able to breathe….feeling him getting even more aggressive, telling me to be a good girl and just fucking take it. Fucking my face until I was literally about to black out and then lifting my head off of him and making me look at him again, this time with tears running down my cheeks, drool running out of my mouth, I’m coughing and breathing so hard. He practically dragged me into the backseat, grabbing me by the thighs and pulling me on top of him, kissing me so sweetly, and then so possessive. He pushed me off of him, back into the seat, grabbed my thighs again and pulled me against him while he grabbed my shirt, lifting it up to expose my bare tits, hearing a grunt of approval before he leaned down, sucking my nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking across it making it harder and more sensitive. Biting me… hard, as I was arching my back and grinding myself against him. He was kissing his way down my chest, over my stomach, grabbing my pants and panties and ripping everything off of me at once. I immediately closed my legs just out of the habit of being so exposed out of nowhere, but he grabbed my knees and ripped them apart. Just staring at my desperate, dripping little pussy. I saw his eyes get dark before he grabbed my legs and buried his head between them. He left bite marks all over my thighs, before his tongue was suddenly all over me. All over me, inside of me, sucking and licking on my clit, before I even realized what I was doing my body was trying to get as close as it could to him. I laid there looking so pathetic and needy, my hands in his hair, grinding my hips against his face, my other hand grabbing my own tits, looking like I was losing my mind while I came over and over again. If I could have talked I would have been begging him to let me feel him inside of me. He could tell what I needed though apparentely….just from the few half words and moans that I got out of me. He brought his face up to mine and then kissed me, letting me lick all of my come off of his lips, and taste myself on his tongue. I felt the tip of him pressing against me, and then pushing the tiniest bit inside of me. It had been so long that it felt like I was being stretched completely just from that. Even being dripping wet he had to force himself inside of me.. and I felt… everything. Every time that he would pull back out and slide back inside of me, I felt like I was being bruised on the inside. Deeper and deeper with every thrust, but the pain felt so good, the feeling of being filled up, so deep. I was squirting non stop…so much that my head was getting dizzy and my vision getting black and then being woken back up by being slapped across the face and his fingers in my mouth. Feeling him grab my face and hearing him tell me that I look so pretty and to wake the fuck up and look at him. All I could do was stare at him, a stupid smile on my face, my head empty only being able to feel myself being more ruined by the second. Somehow he managed to get even deeper still, making me dig my long nails into his hips, his back, his shoulders. He let me bury my face in his chest, biting him to try and stop the screams that I wanted to let out, whimpering, whispering ‘no’ over and over again because I just couldn’t handle how much I was being torn apart anymore. Every stroke was being forced so deep inside of me, and it was like I was coming, even more, everytime he’d hit the very back, all the feelings getting so overwhelming until I was just a crying, coming mess. He got me right to the edge of passing out again, when he could feel my body start to go limp in his arms, no strength left in me to even hold on to him anymore. I felt my eyes rolling when everything went black, and I was being slapped again..my eyes popping back open right before he slid himself out of me, forcing me to sit up and then grabbing my hair and shoving my face back on to his cock while I felt it throbbing and pulsing in my mouth. I felt him hit the very back of my throat while he held me down and I felt come just start pouring from him. I wrapped my hand around his balls, squeezing soo gently, massaging them to make sure that I got every last drop from him. Even though I couldn’t even taste it, he was so far down my throat that I was just gagging from the amount, so much that the littlest bit was pouring from the side of my mouth because I just couldn’t handle it all. I made sure when I finally pulled my head off of him, to take my finger and get the cum that was running down my face before I popped it in my mouth. Licking it all up and staring him in the eyes..before I collapsed…exhausted, trembling, naked…right into his lap.

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