I had sex with my gym client!

When i go the gym im very friendly giving out and advice on building muscle and getting into shape. There was one newbie in the gym who became my close client he was skinny had barely any muscles & never knew what to do. He usually wore glasses and was a bit of a nerd.

He wanted to get abs and bigger arms but there was something about him that turned me on. He got really comfortable with me and we built a cool friendship.

One day i came to the gym wearing really tight gym leggings he commented randomly saying he can see my “camel toe” we both started lauhging. We then started talking about sex then i found he was a VIRGIN! Turns out he wanted someone to dominate him and take charge of him. This turned me on even more! (Now i get why he hired me as his personal trainer)

He came to the gym for an evening session i got him training legs and would usually spot him on the hard exercises i couldn’t stop but imagine myself dominating and riding him. After the late night session barely anyone was in the gym & i was closing up while he was in the sauna recovering i then went to the sauna to see if he was ok. When he was he started playing with his cock i slowly took my clothes of then got on top off him and we fucked raw in the sauna! (I took his virginity)

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