I had sex with a much older man. Who also happens to be my coworkers dad.

I had sex with a much older man. Who also happens to be my coworkers dad.

It was a small gathering of people from work, including my boss. We get together annually for a team dinner. This time we decided to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs season opener at a coworkers house as they had a new projector. Amazing, love the Leafs, was super excited.

My long hair was curly and down, I wore my favourite jersey, tights that showed off my big ass and thick thighs. My glasses and toque completed the look.

A group of 9 people including myself arrive at coworkers house, let’s call him Steve, right before the game. The plan is to watch in the basement of this beautiful, almost mansion like home. We all settle in, it’s fully catered and plenty of couches. Steve lives with his father, 64, who along with his buddy are also watching the game.

Steve’s dad, Peter, is gorgeous. As soon as we are introduced, I cannot take my eyes off this man. Tall, mostly white hair, deep piercing blue eyes, smelled like classic Versace. Shaking his hand, sent shivers up my spine. I couldn’t help but flirt.

As the night went on, a fair bit of drinking happening, people were fully absorbed in the game. I kept looking for a way to talk to Peter, every time I would chicken out. He was older than my dad, over 30 years older than me, but damn I wanted to get to know him.

As I went to get another bottle of beer, I got my chance. There were none left downstairs. Peter offered to grab them from upstairs. I volunteered to help him, giving me a chance to be alone with him

We made random chit chat as we walk upstairs. The cases of beers were in the garage so we hurried towards the front of the house. As we entered the garage, he turned around and asked me for my name again. I told him. He asked me if I knew his. I took my shot.

“Peter. But damn, I’d really like to call you daddy.”

His eyes blazed and with a quick stride towards me he grabbed me. His mouth was fast, his fingers fanned out around my neck as his eager tongue found mine. For over a minute he me pinned against the wall, unable to breathe, as his hands explored me.

He let go, breathless, wiped my lip.

“I’m going to bring the beers downstairs. Washroom is third door on the right, once you’re up the stairs. Wait there, I will be back.”

I went and waited. I waited a long while. He finally came in and closed the door behind him. He stood behind me facing the mirror, double sinks in front of us.

He kissed my neck from behind, moving my hair away. We took off my jersey, him still behind me, watching me in the mirror as I stared back. My big tits fell out of the bra, his fingers starting to knead and pinch my nipples, working his way down to my pussy. My nipples were so hard in his fingers, incredibly sexy as he took each one into my his mouth and sucked, licked.

He bent me down slightly so I was leaning over the counter. Pulling my tights down, he spread my pussy and ass and began licking me hungrily. His fingers pulling my big ass cheeks apart, he pushed his face into my pussy, sucked me dry. He tried pushing his tongue into my tight asshole, licking me over and over again. He pushed his tongue into me as I relaxed, licked me in circles. I was so turned on, my pussy was dripping juice down my legs.

I turned and got on my knees and helped him take his pants off. I’d never been with a man so much older, I anxious to see his cock.

He had a thick, uncut cock, average length but at least three fingers wide. I took his cock into my hand and sucked his balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time. His precum was leaking onto fingers, I licked them all. I put my hand around his ass and guided his thick cock into my mouth slowly. I felt his foreskin move to expose the sensitive groove. As I took him deeper into my mouth, I ran my tongue in circles around the head. He was moaning. He began fucking my face as I rubbed his balls, up to his asshole, back down this balls again.

I was gagging on his thick cock, my throat accepting all of it. My eyes were watering, tears running down my cheeks. I looked at him as I gagged on his cock, wet and sloppy. I wanted to show him what a slut I was.

He pulled me up and made me face the mirror again. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed his cock into me hard. At the same time he clamped his hand around my mouth, stifling my scream. As he kept his fat, hard cock inside of me, he whispered:

“They’ll be expecting us soon, I need to fuck you. Is that ok?”

I looked at him in the mirror and nodded yes, eyes meeting his.

“Now call me Daddy and tell me what you need.”

I whispered back:

“please fuck me Daddy. Please make me cum.”

The old man growled in my ear and began grinding his fat cock inside of me. His hand back on my mouth, I moaned so loud.

He kept his eye contact and he began pounding my tight pussy. He had both my tits in his hand, taking long deep strokes. His cock felt so big inside of me, it was hitting me hard, deep, deep inside.

He spit on his finger and pushed it against my asshole. I bent down more, he pushed his fat finger inside of my asshole. I felt so incredibly, deliciously full.

“Yes daddy, fuck me. Fuck my little pussy.”

I knew what those words were doing to him. He was getting closer and closer to cumming. His cock was stiffening even more inside of me, he kept slamming my pussy, harder and harder. His finger in my asshole making my pussy even tighter as his fat cock filled me up.

I shuddered and almost collapsed on the counter as I came over and over again. My pussy tightened around his cock and held on. He started scrunching up his face, I knew he was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum, there is so much cum.”

“Cum inside of me Daddy.”

He looked at me, with a little surprise, I could see him in the mirror.

“I want your cum deep inside of me, please fill my pussy up Daddy”

I was looking at him, pleading.

He was trying to slow down, his brain trying to win against his cock. We both knew this was wrong, dangerous.

I kept backing up onto his cock, grinding on it, pushing back harder and harder. My pussy was gripping with every thrust.

“You sure you want my load in you?”

“Fuck yes”

With that he came, hard, deep, filling me up. He came so hard he was shaking, every thrust I felt more and more cum. My pussy soaked. After a minute, he slipped his cock out of me. I pulled up tights and fixed myself up.

I went back downstairs to the rest of the group. No one paid much attention. My pussy full of cum. The game ended and we we said our goodbyes. Steve hugged me goodnight, not knowing his dad had just fucked me in his washroom, my pussy was still full of his cum.

What a slut I was.

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