I had sex with 7 or 8 corporate guys when I was 18

For a small period of time I worked as an escort in 2020 after losing my job due to Covid. I was introduced to the escorting through a mutual friend. The money was great and for the most part the job was pretty straight forward. I did have a few business men that I would regularly go and see after hours at their office. They had some fairly wild requests however they always paid well.

I can recall 1 particular night that they hired me, on this occasion there was 7 or 8 guys there. They had some sports playing on the tv while they sat around a big table together in what I assume was some sort of meeting room. I was paid extra to come in costume, they requested I come dressed as an air hostess and to have a thong on with a butt plug in. I vividly remember walking into the room and they were really excited to see me, I served them drinks and chatting with them for about 30 minutes.

I was then instructed to sit in the middle of the table, one of the guy then pulled my skirt up and pulled my thong to the side. He then proceeded to remove my butt plug with his month and placed it into mine. I was made to suck on the butt plug while they took turns eating my ass. While my ass was in the air they poured beer or some sort or alcohol directly into my ass, I would then squat over each of their faces one by one and spray the alcohol into their mouths. This was probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done but also lots of fun.

Once everyone had a turn, I was picked up and placed on a deck at the end of the room. My head at one end and my pussy at the other, for the next 30 or 40 minutes they rotated fucking both my face and pussy. By the time they were done I had 7 or 8 loads of cum either inside me or on my face. My booking was finished but they would extend my services for another 2 hours, during this time I would continue to serve them drinks with my face covered in cum and pussy leaking cum on their navy blue carpet.

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