I had a great time hooking up with a tiny penis dude.

I met a guy I got flirty with at a party but we couldn’t do much so we exchanged numbers and decided to meet up later. I called him over to my place and we had a little too much wine and started making out. As my hands went between his thighs I struggled to get a hold of his penis from above his pants and he felt visibly ashamed.

I asked him if it was cause he wasn’t hard yet and he said he didn’t wanna get into it, and that he should probably leave. I knew something was wrong so I offered to just sit and talk, and in conversation he told me he has a small penis. About 3 inches when hard. I told him not to feel embarrassed and show it to me. He reluctantly unzipped, and pulled his pants down. And without even batting an eye, I went right for it. I gave him a blowjob, licked him all over and let him cum in my mouth.

I waited for him to feel hard again and then this time grinded against his penis and made him cum between my cheeks. He told me no woman had ever treated him like this, and I felt very sexy about it. This won’t be my last small penis for sure. I realized I love giving my all to small penis guys.

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