I Got Them To Fuck AGAIN!!!

So yesterday morning I woke up super horny, thinking about my girl riding a guy I hate, so I asked her to message him and set up a booty call at my place as soon as possible. She was excited and called him over, and he couldn’t resist so he showed up to my place that morning. He was greeted by me shaking his hand and thanking him for fucking my girl, and her in lingerie once again.

My girl was really flirty with him and leading him to the garage where I want them to have sex. They both stood there making out in front of me while he kept handling my girl’s booty. He took his clothes off then laid down on the cold concrete floor. My girl knelt over him, and I watched her head bob up and down over his rock-hard cock. I walked around them and noticed they were making intimate eye-contact while she sucked his dick. She was lying face down deep-throating his impressive member, to the point where she kissed his crotch.

She stood up so she could squat down and press her big butt onto his face. She moved her panties to the side so he had access to lick her pussy, whilst being smothered by her booty. She had her ass cheeks over his forehead and she moaned loudly as this guy I hate ate out her pussy. She pressed her hands into his chest while she intensely rode his face.

She got up to go and lie face down at his crotch again. She placed herself higher up from before, so she could put her big F-cup titties around his cock. I watched her smile as she gave this douchebag a cock massage with her soft boobs. He kept commenting on how she has the best tits he’s ever seen, and how he’s so lucky to get those big tits.

She got up to her hands and knees and this guy knelt down behind her to put his dick inside. I watched him hold her hips tightly as she threw her ass back against him like she had gone feral for him. My girl filled the garage with her sweet moans of ecstasy while she backed her ass up on this guy she’s only met twice now.

He got up and crouched down so he was flat-footed, with his cock still buried in her pussy from behind. He started thrusting really hard into her, using the strength in his legs to destroy her pussy. Her hair got really messy from how hard he fucked her. He said loudly through his grunting, “Is this the first time you been fucked by a real man?” My girl squealed back, “Your cock is soooo goood. It tastes good in my mouth and my ass is getting pounded.” He moved his body forward so he still had his dick inside of her, but he basically had his balls drooping down her butt while he sat on top of her ass. He moved his hands to her boobs and kept savagely fucking her until he jumped off, pulled out and came all over her massive ass. I was impressed that he covered such a big butt in one cumshot. My girl collapsed to lie on her stomach and they guy shook my hand and said, “Thanks for offering her pussy. How about next Saturday?” I shook his hand back and said, “Absolutely. I need to see her take your impressive cock and cumshots more.” He left and when my girl stopped breathing heavily she asked, “So why do you hate him? He’s so sweet.” I said back to her, “If I didn’t hate him, I wouldn’t ask you to fuck him.” She then said, “Well then I’m glad you hate him because his cock feels and tastes incredible.”

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