I got him back!!!! Posted about catching my ex/boyfriend/bestfriend have sex with my tied up bestfriend

So I posted the other day about my ex/bestfriend and my best girl friend,long story short I walked in on them having sex and she was tied up we argued and it made me horny.
We decided to make him watch but ended in a threesome anyway hehe.
Yesterday I went to the beach to get some sun and salt 😍🥵.When i was getting undressed into my g-string/bra style swimmers i could see one of them pointing at me and them all start looking over kind of making me nervous to be honest but I got a funny tingling feeling in my legs.I was swimming around enjoying the sun and seen them still looking laughing ect..
About 20 minutes later I went for a walk to the caves there is some little rock pools. The sun was beautiful and i was starting to get a bit hot and sweaty. I was walking taking a selfie when I noticed one of the lifeguards sitting at the rock pool smiling/laughing at me taking a selfie of myself making me feel a bit embarrassed hehe he asked how my day was going and we had a little chat and I ended up giving him a headjob in the caves !!!
He was pretty big in size and he stared thrashing my mouth and pushing my head on his cock as I gaged and was dribbling everywhere and then shot his cum on my mouth and down my throat and then I licked/cleaned up and went home. Tonight I’m meeting up with my ex/boyfriend/bestfriend do I rub it in now that I got even or just keep it quiet?? what do you think???plus he got a threesome when caught cheating??? 🤫 ❤️ 💦🍆

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