I got fucked up against the window of a hotel room

I was hooking up with a guy from an app who was in town on business. He invited me back to his hotel room, being paid for by his company. I was already excited when I saw how nice the hotel was. Then, when we went up to his room, all of the luxury of the hotel room passed me by and my eye was drawn right away to the window.

Going right up to the window, a huge window looking out over the city, I admired the view from right there near the top of the building. Coming from behind me, the guy put his hands on my shoulders and started to kiss my neck. Things became more and more steamy and, as he moved closer to me, he pushed me up against the window. Pressing my hands onto the cool glass, I felt his whole body pressing into mine. The warmth of his body and the growing hardness of his cock thrilled me, but it made my heart pound even harder to look at the drop on the other side of the window.

Kissing my neck, he pressed into me more and more. Then, he started to pull off my clothes. I helped him undress me, but he kept me pressed tightly to the window. As I stripped completely naked, I felt even more exposed. I wasn’t sure if anyone outside could actually see me, but the thrill was real.

I remained against the window like that, enjoying the thrill of being naked and looking down at the drop, while he pulled out his cock and slipped it into me. I felt my breasts be squashed into the glass, along with my cheek and the palms of my hands, while he thrust into me. He fucked me hard up against the window and, giving in completely, I came hard and enjoyed that feeling of being exposed.

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