I got fucked in a public compartment on a sleeper train

While I was away traveling, we spent a night on a sleeper train. The compartment we were in was four fold out beds. Me and my friend made up two of the occupants, and the other two were strangers. It was a long journey, but one of the strangers kept very much to himself. The other one chatted with me and my friends all evening.

When it got late, we all got into our bunk beds. I took the bottom bunk bed. Opposite me was the guy. Even with the lights off, it was pretty bright in there. It was loud, too, and the train moved a lot because of how fast it was going. I couldn’t sleep, I was restless. Looking over at him, I kept seeing how restless he was.

Catching his eye, we smiled at each other. Whispering, we talked about how hard it was to sleep. He asked what normally helps me get to sleep. I thought for a moment. Then, feeing brave, I told him the truth. Cumming helps me sleep well.

The guy got into bed with me, the train softly rocking us. We couldn’t be seen from the top bunks, and it sounded like they were sleeping anyway, so we stripped off entirely under the duvet. Getting on top of me, he pounded into me. I moaned softly, confident the sound of the train was concealing the noise. As I came, though, I covered my mouth with my hand out of a fear that I would wake them up with my moans. I came really hard, once by myself and a second time when he came into me. I did sleep well after that.

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