I got fucked and filled with cum in between my classes

OMG. So this just happened literally an hour ago and i’m sitting in my college lecture writing this right now with cum dripping out of my pussy. Def the craziest thing I have ever done in my life. I have one lecture with one of my fwbs and we sit right next to each other and the entire time we hardly pay any attention cause we are flirting with and messing around the entire time lmao.

By the time we got out I was horny as fuck from the things he would whisper into my ear while the professor was talking. After the lecture was over he asked if he could walk with me to my next lecture cause he didn’t have another lecture for a few hours. On the walk there we passed a room that was totally empty and dark with no windows. He made a joke about how we should go mess around in there and I played along and said lets do it. He paused and was like, I think we actually should. We went in and it was so quiet in there and I was so excited and tingly and turned on.

We walked over to the desk at the front and he told me to bend over and hold my panties to the side under my skirt. I was so wet just from the riskyness of what we were doing and he slid into me easily. It was sooo hot getting fucked in the quiet room and I was almost afraid that our moans could be heard from outside. He told me he was gonna cum inside me cause he didn’t want to make a mess and I agreed. I didn’t quite cum cause we didn’t wanna take too long and risk getting caught so maybe thats why i’m still so horny right now ahah.

I ended up being late for my next lecture and when I walked in late everyone looked at me and I got such an intense feeling just from having all those eyes looking at me. I wonder if anyone could tell that I just got fucked like one building over. I sat down in my seat and I think I had to write this just to release some of the tension that I am feeling rn. It definitely helped. Ok i’m gonna try to pay attention now ahah I hope u enjoyed this as much as I did.

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