I gave oral to my best friends boyfriend on Halloween

I got ready with my best friend before her Halloween party, we were having a few drinks and she was telling me about how her boyfriend always wanted a threesome and would pester her about it. She let me know she would be open to it but was uncomfortable having sex with a stranger. She let me know that she just wanted to watch another girl blow her boyfriend so I volunteered… it started as a joke but I let her know I would be happy to do it as I thought it would be a bit of fun.
Later that night:
I was chatting with a cute guy when my best friend grabbed me and walked me to her bedroom, her boyfriend was laying on the bed blind folded with his parts off. She pointed at his dick and smiled, I went over to the bed and just went for it. His dick was average sized.. I would say about 6 inches, he definitely knew it wasn’t his girlfriend but he was really into it. He kept pushing my head down on his dick, I started to suck on his balls while I jerked him off… he didn’t last long lol. After about a minute he came on my face, I got up went to the bathroom, cleaned up and then went back out to talk to the guy I was flirting with early. I ended up going home with that other guy, we had great sex!

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