I fucked my girlfriend while her friend was laying in bed with us [MF] [20/19]

If you’ve read any of our stories, you know we love fucking around others. Risking being caught. This happened 3 days prior to me writing this.

My girlfriend came to town Thursday of last week (we go to different colleges) and brought two of her friends (I’ll call the important one Alaina), we were planning to go to the football game Saturday night. While we did have a lot of fun Thursday night and Friday, this took place Saturday morning.

After a very long night of partying Friday night, me and her go get in bed and fool around before going to sleep. Alaina is sleeping on the couch downstairs, and the other friend got with one of my roommates. Anyway, we wake up Saturday morning to Alaina walking in the door and laying in bed next time my gf. Why did she do that? Don’t ask me I have no idea, but I didn’t complain because the opportunity it presented us.

I’m completely naked and my gf has pjs on, so after a few minutes of just laying there talking and somewhat confused why she got in bed with us, I start rubbing my girls ass and thighs (she’s laying like spooning). After a minute I put my dick between her legs, but she looks and me and shakes her head no. Shit.

Lucky for us, I don’t quit that easily. I start rubbing on her breasts under the covers which almost always will get us started. After a minute of that, she pulls her breast out the side of her bra and under the covers and I take the hint and start licking and sucking on her nipple. This 100% of the time leads to sex. She absolutely loves when I suck on her breasts. I suck and lick them for probably 5 minutes, in which time I’m pretty sure Alaina noticed, but she didn’t say anything.

When I stop, I immediately place my cock between her ass cheeks again. This time she scoots into me. Score.

She helps me pull her shorts to the side and I slide into her drenched, tight pussy as she makes a face and exhales deeply. Both her and Alaina are scrolling through TikTok or Instagram at this time. I ever so slowly start to fuck her a mere inches away from Alaina. It feels great, but I want more.

I’m not sure how it happened, but a bit later, probably 6-7 minutes, I tell me Alexa to play Mr. Bombastic. Don’t know why it popped into my head, I think it played on one of their TikToks and I wanted to listen to the full song so I played it. My intention was to just listen to it and keep doing what I was doing, but Alaina found it funny that I played it and said “Alexa volume 10.” I was kind of annoyed for a second because it was loud, but then…

I realized it was perfect. I started “dancing” to the beat of the song – ie fucking her hard while moving my arms in the air. Alaina was dancing too so it made the whole bed shake anyway… perfect. I’m not sure how long the song is, but I just plowed into her the entire length of the song while she laid there with her arm over her face trying not to moan or make any face right next to Alaina.

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