I fucked my friends big sister

I used to hang out at my friends house all the time, so of course i knew his sister too. She was the hottest girl i knew, and always gave me a hard on when she walked around his house braless. Her long blond hair, perky breasts and fit ass, lived in my fantasies

My friend invited me to stay at their ski cabin this winter, and i was super excited. We were going to have so much fun, and his sister was going to be there. When i arrived she was laying on the couch ass up, wearing tight wool leggings. She smiled and waved as me and my friend walked past. My room was right next to hers, and we shared the same bathroom

Night came and I was watching my phone in bed. I just sat there, listening to the shower, picturing her in there. Suddenly the shower stopped, and i heard the door close. Thinking she was done, i barged in there to piss. My eyes locked to the floor, I pulled out my dick and aimed at the toilet. Before i was able to start “unloading” i hear a noice. I look up and my eyes instantly meet a pair of pink, perky nipples.

“Ohh, no.. im so sorry” i said nervously, realizing i had barged in on my friends sister, totally naked. My feet froze and i just stood there, staring. “Uhm.. its fine” she almost whispered, trying to cover up with her hands. My eyes traveled from her bare feet on the bathroom tiles, across her fit thighs, her bare tight innie pussy, her skinny waist, perky tits, and up to her pretty blue eyes.

“Oh! i will leave you alone, sorry” i said shocked, and headed out. Before i could leave, she cleared her throat and said “You can stay a little if you want”. I turned around, realizing my dick was still out and she was staring at it. It had gotten pretty hard from staring at her so much. “you sure?” i said hesitantly. “Yeah of course, its important to share the bathroom” she smiled, letting down her hands.

I got closer, not really thinking but i kissed her. Her tongue massaged mine, and i instinctively grabber her butt. She gently pulled down my pants, making my hard dick softly hit her pussy. “You know, i always thought you were cute” she whispered in between kisses. “Me too” i smiled, accepting her tongue again.

My right hand let go of her bare butt, and slowly reached down to guide my dick. The head of my cock rubbed on her pussy, spreading her juices all over it. She moaned before jumping up on the sink, spreading her legs and smiling. I would never have thought how dirty, and horny my friends sister was. I pulled off my shirt before easing my dick in her. A soft squirting sound filled the room, as her tight pussy gripper around my dick.

I slipped in and out, while out spit mixed in our mouths. We tried to keep it down, but the occasional load moan came out now and then. Her tight pussy lips slid all over my cock, having a good grip and my cock head before sliding down the shaft again. “Cum in me” she whispered and wrapped her legs around me. I didnt even think about the pregnancy risks when she pushed me inside her. “Ahh!” i groaned as i shot my warm cum inside her pussy

We kissed for a while, my dick stil inside her shooting out the last of my cum. She giggled and jumped down from the sink, a small drop of cum hit the bathroom tiles. Her pink pair of thongs slid on, leaving the sticky cum leaking in her underwear. “I will see you tomorrow” she smiled, giving me one last kiss before heading to her room again

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