I fucked my boss in the hotel rooms we cleaned.

(M25) I started a job at a hotel and my boss who hired me was so hot. (F45) She was sexy and didn’t look a day over 30. To make a long story short I worked my way up and became the head house keeper in just a month. She would text me a room number and I knew what that meant I’d head to that room and lock and latch the door behind me we started kissing and I’d get her naked sometimes or just pull her pants down and unbutton her shirt a bit to be able to suck on her tits she would lay down on the couch and her pussy always tasted so good I would always need to go down on her to taste it and suck on her fat clit I’d slide my dick in she would always tell me careful because my dick is kinda big and she had a tight pussy. As I’d slide in her she would moan and eyes would roll back it was exciting to fuck her in a vacant room that some one else could potentially walk in on I’d sometimes fuck her long and sometimes we had to hurry luckily she would cum so fast her body would shake on my dick and I knew she just came all over my dick so I could hurry and nut in her. Sometimes she would not go to the bathroom after but instead walk around with my nut dripping out of her and come by and tell me how she loved feeling it come out. For a year we fucked in these rooms and never came close to getting caught. She would suck my dick in some and ride me on the couch squeezing her pussy on my cock to get every last drop out of me. I’d eat her pussy and watch her stomach flex from Cummings so hard.

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