I fucked my assistant manager at McDonalds when I was 18

I am 23M now, so this happened when I was 18 and a senior in high school working at McDonalds. I worked with all my high school friends at this particular McDonalds and we all use to friendly flirt with an assistant manager there who at the time was 24. She was our shift manager in the afternoon since we all worked after school, and we’d always play flirt with her by calling her our girl or play fighting over her. She found all of this funny and we were all really doing it for jokes and to pass the time. Deep down though I actually had a crush on her but played along. I mean she was dumb thick in all the right places(she wasn’t fat but a little chubby), blonde hair, blue eyes, a big butt, and DD boobs.
Well one day while on shift me and a friend were doing bets (like for ex: I bet you won’t eat a nugget with mustard or something along those lines)and my friend told me “ I bet you can’t convince ____ to have sex.” He then said he was playing but I told him, “alright bet, I can do that.” In the moment I thought to myself what’s the worst that can happen? She’ll reject me and if anything I’d lose my job at McDonalds.
So skip to the next day, I texted her on Snapchat and just started texting her like normal like asking how’s she doing or what her plans are for the weekend. Slowly I started flirting with her like how we do at work and said stuff along the lines like “ Forget the other guys your mine obviously👀.” And she’d just call me funny and to quit playing, at this point it was midnight and I was feeling risky so I sent the riskiest text I had ever sent..” No but really, I would totally fuck you” and I could feel my gut wrenching waiting for a reply when she snapped me back saying “then why don’t you🤷‍♂️”. After this we just started planning it, and god was I so nervous. She was only the second girl I’d had been with and she was more experienced obviously. So we agreed my house the next morning since my parents wouldn’t be home and I was home alone (I was on Christmas break).
She drove to my house the next day, and I walked her to my room. As soon as I shut the door, she jumped all over me and starting making out with me. She then took off her shirt and it felt like slow motion when she undid her bra bc her titties just dropped. I started caressing her tits and sucking on them. I then laid her down, and pulled her pants down. I can tell she was surprised by this since I was the shy guy at work. I then started kissing her from her boobs all the way down to her panties. I started kissing her inner thighs and slowly made my way to her pussy. I kissed her pussy through her panties first and then moved it to the side. I was amazed, it was a neatly trimmed pussy and it was just so pretty and pink. I went down on her and just started slobbering all over her. She was laughing at first bc I guess she was nervous too but it quickly became moans. After about 10 minutes of eating her out, I couldn’t help it and had to put my dick in her. I fucked her missionary then doggy, and at that point that’s all I have ever done since I was young at the time. She then took control and fucked me out of my mind. She started riding me and switching positions on riding me(cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, etc.) and just grabbing my dick and using it at her disposal. She was way more experienced than me and just a total freak. After an hour of fucking , she had to leave for work. I then saw her 2 hours later at work clocking in, and as we walked by each other we just smiled at each other. To this day i still fantasize about her.

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