I fucked my mom in lockdown


I know it’s too late for this story as I didnt know about this page earlier and sorry for the story being too long don’t judge my English

(I am 25 male and my mom 47 )About me and my mom I am 5’10 boy and my mom is a perfect latina

It all started in covid during the lockdown
When me and my mom were alone in the house for 4 months straight . My father works abroad and visits us one or twice a year. (Due to which my mom is not satisfied sexually )
During the 1st week lockdown was doing well but soon my eyes were on my moms ass whenever she was doing any work. she wears gown in the house 24/7 and I am in my boxer and shorts
Her ass is too perfect I sometimes tried touching it accidentally and felt her ass many times but that day while she was cooking my cock got erected and I was in myshorts without my boxers
I started helping her with her chores and intentionally touching her ass with my cock in the boxers she didn’t notice it that time and after some time we ate our dinner and went too sleep
After 12:00 I entered my mom’s bedroom and checked if she was sleeping or not and started moving my hand around her ass hole and when she twitched a little I went out of the room and decided to fuck her at any cost

After that day I started giving her hints like wearing shorts without underwear and showing my erected dick too her while talking from shorts ( my dick is 6.7) , rubbing my dick on her ass while working , staring at her boobs while watching TV

She understood it slowly but was ignoring it but at night after dinner I asked her can i sleep in your room as my rooms fan is not working ( she agreed to it ) and I slept with her maintaining a distance till she sleeps during midnight I woke up and saw her facing at the opposite direction and her ass facing towards me I slowly started to pull her gown upwards ( I was shocked to see that she is not wearing any panty omg) her ass and pussy were visible to me by looking at them my cock was fully erected like a iron rod I placed my cock on her ass and started tapping it there
With another hand I puller her gown till her belly and I gently spitted some saliva on her ass hole and rubbed it slowly with that slippery saliva of mine ( she was clean shaved btw ) I then liked her Hass hole with tip of my tongue and she moved her ass toward me a bit ( I was terrified that time is she is awake or what ) but i continued and slowly my hand went towards her boobs and her nipples were too hard I knew she is awake but acting asleep I pressed her nipple too hard she again moved towards me
And I understood what she wants I left the room naked (she thought I went to washroom ) and laid there still I came back with oil bottle in my hand and my cock with oil on it I sat on the bed again
And while knowing she is awake with my two figures I stretched her ass hole and poured oil in it til it filled up and started putting my dick in it she started moaning in her lips and my tip was inside her she started crying in pain and moaning harder
My dick was going inside her tight as fuck ass hole with that squishy sound of oil squash squash
And her moaning she rose her ass up just like doggystyle position I pur more oil on my dick and fucked her while pulling her hairs for 2 min and then kissed her like a wild animal she was so horny that she slapped me and kissed me like a bitch and sucked my cock for 6 mins straight and I licked her pussy while drinking her juice and fucked her (while taking her name and telling her about my feelings since I saw her and my father having sex) I slapped her ass more than 20 times trying many position and ended up cumming on her face and mouth and throat fucking her till 4 am in the morning we slept while hugging each other

I will tell the above seen in the next part

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