I fucked a stranger on a family vacation [F18]

hi sexstories, hope youre having a great weekend. this was a couple months ago, and yes i was 18!

so i was on vacation with my family, and we were staying in a beautiful resort by the beach.so i usually masturbate every night but obviously since im sharing a room with with my parents, i can’t touch myself .**..so 3 days in i was pretty horny holding it in.**

as i was sunbathing by the pool, i noticed a super hot older guy with an amazing body checking me out. we exchanged glances and i could feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about him.after a while, he came over and introduced himself. let’s call him ben. we started talking and he was really charming and funny.. he was on vacation and well, i usually dont do hookups but we hit it off immediately and ***idk if i was just horny but I KNEW I WANTED TO FUCK HIM.***

we spent the rest of the day hanging out together, going for walks on the beach and exploring the resort. every time we were alone, we were flirting back and forth and i could feel the sexual tension building between us… it was a cute little romance hahathe next day, i pretended to be sick so i could stay at my room while my parents were gone. secretly, i met up with ben and without saying a word, we started passionately kissing and undressing each other in his room. he had an amazing physique so i enjoyed running my hands across his strong back and chest…

***ben’s dick was already hard and i could feel it pressing against me,*** and i couldn’t wait to feel it inside me. he undressed and i pushed him onto the bed and straddled him… and just thought FUCK IT.. i was so horny. i undressed and slowly started lowering myself onto his cock. we both moaned as he filled me up, and i started riding him.

***i bounced up and down on his dick, enjoying every thrust. ben grabbed my hips and helped me move faster. i could feel my orgasm building and i knew i was close…***

then he made me go on my knees and he started fucking me doggy style. it was amazing. he was really big and i could feel every inch of him inside of me. i was moaning and screaming with pleasure… usually when i have sex at home i have to hold my voice in but here i could be as loud as i wanted to haha. **he was pounding me so hard and i could feel his dick hitting my cervix. it was so intense and i loved every second of it**

ben flipped me over onto my back and started pounding me hard. he was fucking me hard, and i could feel my pussy getting tighter around his cock.. ***it felt so good.. i came hard, and my legs were shaking***

ben didn’t last much longer, and he came deep inside me.. and it was so hot. we met up a couple more times throughout the trip too, and yes we fucked more !!

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