I fucked a married man while his wife was sleeping upstairs

About a decade ago, I had a fling with a coworker. He was married at the time. It all started with small flirting here and there. Of course one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together. We snucked around alot but the craziest time was when his wife was home. It was late in the evening around 10pm. She was upstairs watching tv in their bedroom. I drove to his house and parked a few houses away from his. He let me in through the back door. I stayed in the living room while he went upstairs to check on her. He came back and said that she was going to bed. She is a loud walker so he assured me we can hear her if she comes downstairs. We fucked each other’s brains out on the couch for about 2 hours and then I went home. To this day, I’ve never told anyone. What’s funny is we still keep in touch and will check up on each other once in a blue moon.

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