I fucked a guy who lasted for ten seconds and made me feel like a goddess

I met this guy on tinder, we had a couple of dates and he was really sweet. He wasn’t really my type but we clicked instantly, so we started to play around and tease each other. I found him to be really submissive even though he played as if he was dominant which I enjoyed.

After some more dates I decided to give him a chance, and have sex with him, despite it not being my initial plan. I liked playing with him, so that made me really horny and probably that was what made me want to fuck him at the end.

We went out together that night, alone, and I wore one of my favourite dresses which aroused him the whole night. We had a couple of drinks, and we ended up at his apartment. He was really eager to get rid of my dress and pleasure me… Which made me in control of the situation, making me feel dominant and proving my point: his dominant character was all a farce. He was willing to do anything for me and that attracted me.

He took my clothes off and took me to his bedroom where he ate my pussy out until I came in his mouth, which was actually pretty good and made me think all of this was not such a bad idea. But I wasn’t expecting it would get even better.

Wearing a condom, even though he asked not to wear it, he putted it in with ease as I was really wet, and I rejoiced as he started fucking me. Yet, when no more than 10 seconds have passed, he got away from me and apologized. I first believed he had became soft so I told him not to worry, and I was ready to help him continue. Then I realized that the condom was full of his seed. But, how could that be possible? I didn’t feel him cumming, he didn’t make any sound either.

It was unexpected for sure but that made me feel so powerful instatntly, like some kind of goddess, flattered by he who could not last longer than ten seconds because he was fucking me, so horny and needy. The penetration was not enjoyable, as I did not have time to enjoy it, but the situation became extremely hot for me even though we said our goodbyes and I parted home like that.

To this day I still remember with a smile that situation. I love to wonder what would that guy do if he knew what I really think of what happened. Maybe I would let him fuck me again just to feel that powerful! But I can’t tell him, so instead I wanted to share this story here… I wonder if he will ever read this post.

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