I fucked a guy, to sell my first house as a Realtor [26F]

So I have my Realtor license, but haven’t really done anything with it. But I kind of wanted to do this kinky Realtor sex scene. Search Realtor porn, and you get the idea. I don’t know, I wanted to see if I can actually seduce a homebuyer to buy a house, with sex.

I told one of my friends this, the homeowner, and he was actually looking to sell his place. We’ve dated and fucked before, but we’re just friends now. He’ll give me the listing, and however he got the highest bid, he didn’t really care.

It was actually really difficult to pull off this Realtor sex scene. Like I would dress sexy, but didn’t go too far. First of all, you have actual customers. Many guys are with their wives or something. So that’s a no go. Plus it was difficult to actually proposition a guy like this. Lastly, the housing market is on fire. So without even doing anything, I got a few offers above listing price. So it’s not like my friend is going to turn down what he was looking for.

The homeowner (my friend) wanted to keep showing his place, maybe he can get greedy and get a higher offer. Suggested that I dress sluttier, to get my point across. So I have a showing, and I’m dressed as he instructed. Business like, but slutty business like. With stockings, heels, tight skirt and top.

This single guy buyer comes in, and at first he’s all business. But as I’m giving the buyer the tour, he loosens up a little. I see my opening. In this cheesy, awful porn script type of way, I really start flirting with him. Coming on to him. And he’s seems receptive? Wow, I didn’t think this would actually work. But at this point, I didn’t really care about him putting in an offer, I just wanted to do this Realtor fuck scene.

So I’m showing the buyer the bedroom, and with some aggressive moves, I made some awful comment on how the furniture was included (haha). And with that, we started going at it and winded up fucking on the homeowners’s bed. Porn scene style and all, with thigh highs and heels on. Honestly, I wasn’t really attracted to the buyer. But I was willing to fuck just about anybody, just so I could say that I did this porn scene.

So of course, afterwards the buyer ghosts me and doesn’t put in an offer. My friend, the homewoner, winds up selling to someone else. Really fast, simple transaction. We go out to a bar and celebrate. Couple of drinks and all. That’s when the buyer that I fucked came walking in, and says hi to my friend.

Huh, what? I don’t understand. Turns out, my friend sent in the buyer to see the house. Knowing about my Realtor porn thing. And knowing that I would fuck any guy who would be open to it. So yeah, my friend, the homeowner, set me up to fuck one of his friends, the buyer. Knowing that I would do it.

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