I fucked a Grandma

Back in my single days me, my housemate and friends used to go to a weekly quiz night at the local(cool i know), it was excuse to get drunk and have a bit of a laugh on a Thursday night and it was a nice way to enter the weekend. We got talking to another group and I got talking to a lady(Leanne) and usual drunk dribble coming from both of us. She was about 55 and I was 32 at the time. She had split up with her husband and had 2 kids and a grandson. I was single and would fuck anything that moved when I was on the beers without being creepy and thought it was quite a quest and that it would be great to fuck a Grandma. Drunkingly we swapped numbers. We finished up at about 11pm at the pub and went our seperate ways and texted that night and next day. Innocent texting turned into some photo’s being shared and we agreed to catch up the following night. She invited me around to her place, I turned up with a bottle and some beers and we talked. After a few beers and wine we were getting touchy feely on the couch and began making out. She was a great kisser and had a nice figure with a bit of weight but still very attractive. I made the first move and started grabbing at her tits and it must have been a turn on for her as she reached straight for my cock. As we continued our heavy petting and her stroking. Leanne stopped briefly and said that she has not been with a man in a couple of years since her husband left her and in fact she had only had sex with him plus she had not been with a younger guy, I replied well I have not been with a Grandma before so there is a first time for everything. We both laughed and she kissed me again and Leanne said come with me to her room.

We went to her room and it had the nice king size bed, Leanne started taking her clothes off and I said let me do it for you. We got onto the bed and continued kissing and I started rubbing her pussy on the outside of her jeans. The heat coming from her pussy alone would have fried an egg, it was that hot. I undid her button and zipper and started teasing her pussy and fingering her. She had my cock out and was playing with it again, we removed our clothes and Leanne asked if we can get under the covers as she was a little body concious. I said sure but don’t worry as you have a great body. As they say flattery will get you everywhere she went straight down on me and she started giving me head. She knew what she was doing as she used her tongue and mouth to great effect and had me on the brink. I lifted her back up to me and kissed her and laid her down on her back. I went down on her and started ravaging her pussy with my tongue. She was as wet a women that I had ever been with and she obviously had been waiting for this for a long time. I circled her pussy with my tongue and fingered her as I started working her clit with my tongue. She was now almost at the point of no return, screaming in ectasy and laughing saying she had not had this done to her for so long and so good(Tick). I then got her into the doggy position and slid my now aching cock into her wet pussy. I was fucking her nice and slowly and she was reaching the climax point and I was not far behind. She ended up cumming and so did I as I released my load in her. As we slowed down and lied down. Leanne asked me what was it like to fuck a grandma? I replied it was great, can’t wait to do it again!! I stayed the night at Leanne’s and we spent the next day fucking like rabbits.

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