I fuck him because someone made fun of his size

A bunch of girls at a party once convinced their boyfriends to make fun of a man for having a little dick. Later on, I discovered that the man being made fun of had indeed lost his virginity to one of the girls. In any case, the group teases the man until he goes. I followed him outside, told him I was upset about how he was treated, and begged for a ride home. He agreed to accompany me. As soon as we arrived at my house, I invited him to stay if he so desired. He was unsure but decided, I told him that I wanted him to bring me home so I could fuck him. He didn’t believe me at all.

He could follow me into my room or leave, I informed him as I undressed. We performed the standard things like kissing and feeling each other up when he came into my room.

I made sure to bring my “A” game when it came to giving head once I had his pants off. I was curious as to which position he favored, so I asked him. He gave me the option, so I rode him until he was done.

I immediately went down on him again. He didn’t cum, yet he was grateful. We ended up having sex 5–6 more times the following day. That evening, he departed smiling. When I saw him again, it had been around four months, he informed me that he had been dating steadily and thanked me for giving him some self-assurance.

I was genuinely very happy about it. I enjoy my memories of him.

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