I fcked my flatmate while my bf was asleep

I decided to give my ex-bf at the time a taste of his own medicine when I found he cheated on me and slept with our flatmate. I don’t know to this day if knows about it, but having another guy’s cock up my tight pussy and enjoying him before dumping him sure felt great for me and my flatmate.

I know our flatmate is usually up around late hours chilling in the living room, so I purposely went downstairs wearing one of my favourite lingerie sets, it was a white corset top that showed off my tight body and my tits. I concealed it first with my dressing gown, wanting to give him a little reveal. I made the excuse that I couldn’t sleep and slowly opened my dressing gown to show my intentions. He then made a comment saying how my bf wouldn’t like it. I replied sternly that I didn’t care and I did whatever I wanted. The reply came from seeking vengeance but also I was really horny and just wanted to be used by another man’s cock. I also wanted to show him how well I could take a cock down my throat.


I made my intentions very clear and invited him over to sit next to me. I undressed and started going down on my knees. I didn’t have to say anything and let my body be a little slut for him. I started touching his cock through his pants and teasing him. He smiled in response as I then pulled down his pants so that I could deepthroat him well. I went far down his cock taking every inch, choking on it so good. Part of me wanted my ex-bf to wake up to the sound of me getting choked by another man’s cock. I told him to take pictures of me as I went down his cock so that he could have a new screensaver. I didn’t want him to forget about me being a little feral slut for him and so he did.

After enjoying his cock down my mouth for a couple of minutes I let him take me from behind, wanting him to take control as he thrusted his cock up my tight pussy. He held me by the hips and knew exactly what he was doing, I enjoyed every minute of him taking me from behind.

I then sat on his cock (reverse cowgirl) and rode him hard, I begged for him to breed me as he held my tits. I wanted to go back to bed to my ex-bf with my flatmate’s cum deep inside of me and so I kept begging as my tight pussy glided up and down his cock until he held me still and put his load up inside of me. He moaned saying how good my tight pussy felt. I smiled in response with my creampie from him and went back to bed.

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